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The Ryanair Business Class Jet – And Yes, Food Costs Here, Too

Written by Charlie

This Ryanair business class jet is available to rent and comes with many niceties onboard that might surprise the regular Ryanair customer. Find out what it costs and what it looks like.

These words – “Ryanair” and “business class” – really do not seem like they belong in the same sentence. Ryanair is the leader of no-frills airlines in Europe with flights costing as little as a Starbucks coffee. But, buying a bottle of water on that flight will cost you half of such a cheap ticket! So, what is a Ryanair business class jet?

Did You Know Ryanair Has a Business Class Jet?

I actually only found out about this by accident while browsing for something on the Ryanair website. It turns out that Ryanair actually launched this charter jet back in 2016 and then relaunched it again this past November for the winter travel season.

It is typical for airlines to have some kind of a charter plane available for high-paying clients/teams to book and be able to travel in style. They could be cheaper than renting a regular private plane or teams negotiate with airlines for a deal for such a contract. So, to know that an airline has such a jet is not a surprise.

But, for Ryanair to have such a plane may come as a surprise to the passengers who are used to sitting in the somewhat rigid blue-and-yellow of the regular Ryanair fleet. Yes, Ryanair does know how to do business class! At the same time, they charge even these private customers for their catering onboard this business class jet. 🙂

Details About the Ryanair Business Class Jet

Here are the details of this Ryanair business class jet:

  • A customised Boeing 737-700 jet
  • 60 business class, reclining, leather seats
  • 48” seat pitch
  • 2×2 configuration
  • Crewed by Ryanair pilot and cabin crew professionals
  • Medium to long range (up to 6 hrs.)
  • Fine dining catering facilities available
  • Ideal for sports team, corporates, private or group travel

On the page about this jet, they do say that it is “crewed by Ryanair’s industry leading pilot and cabin crew professionals.” Nothing against the fine men and women that work at Ryanair but I really want to question the fact that their flight staff is industry leading. 🙂 I think there may be a couple of carriers over in Asia that may be a little better than they are!

Here is their catering options and cost – yes, passengers flying the Ryanair business class jet must also pay for food: 🙂

ryanair business class

Not exactly sure what the “tasty snacks” are in the bronze package but I would assume it is just like regular little snacks you would get on US airlines in domestic first class, based on the wording. Yes, that package starts at €15 per person. 🙂

Costs for the Ryanair Business Class Jet

Supposedly, this flight costs €5,000 per hour. If the flight is full (of 60 people), that works out to costing €83 per person, per hour. If you were to rent this airplane to fly the max distance (6 hours), it would end up costing €498 per person for this Ryanair business class jet. Plus, the food packages. 🙂

Featured image from Ryanair

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