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Last Day: Southwest Companion Pass and 30K Points with One Card – But Should You Get It?

Written by Charlie

If you want the Southwest Companion Pass (and 30,000 points) in the easiest way possible, this card offer will do it for you. But, it expires today so check and see if this deal is for you.

This offer came out earlier this year and, while I think it was an incredibly smart move by Southwest to clear the decks, it has some potential for the right people. If you were interested in this, today is the final day!

Earn the Southwest Companion Pass and 30K Points with One Card Offer

southwest companion pass one card

Link: Southwest Companion Pass and Point Offer

Note about the link above – any of the 3 Southwest personal credit cards have this offer, the link above is for the Plus card which only has a $69 annual fee.

Before this offer, you would typically need 2 credit card bonuses and some spending to get the 110,000 points needed to earn the Southwest Companion Pass. This single card offer gives it to you without needing to even earn the 110,000 points! But, is this the best offer for you!

The Southwest Companion Pass is just an amazing travel perk. It allows you to designate a companion that will fly for free with you on any of your Southwest flights (just paying the $5.60 segment tax domestically and any other taxes/fees internationally) – whether you pay for your ticket with points or cash! That can add up to a lot of free travel for that extra person (who you can change for up to 4 different people in a year).

This special credit card offer is giving that Southwest Companion Pass to you, along with 30,000 points, for just meeting the $4,000 spending bonus! That is pretty great, right?

Here are the details:

  • Earn Companion Pass and 30,000 points after you spend $4,000 in the first 3 months of account opening.
  • Offer ends 2/11/19.
  • Companion Pass is promotional and will be valid through 12/31/19
  • These cards are under the Chase 5/24 rule and you are not eligible for a bonus on any of them if you have received a bonus on any of the personal Southwest cards in the last 24 months. Also, you cannot currently hold a personal Southwest card.
Is This Offer for You?

This is really a great offer, for sure. But, there is one major point to recognize – the Southwest Companion Pass deal from this offer will expire 12/31/2019. That means that you will have less than 11 months of Companion Pass magic.

Normally, you would have the Southwest Companion Pass in the year that you earn it and for the whole year following! To obtain that, you need to earn 110,000 points in a calendar year. Those points can easily be obtained with offers like the 60,000 points on the Southwest business card and a single Southwest personal card offer – and meeting the required spending. Plus, you have the 110,000 points to actually spend on travel as well!

This offer is great if you are unable to get the Southwest business card offer or you really just need the pass this year. Otherwise, a better strategy would be to wait until October and get both card offers then. It would give you the pass for 2020 and 2021 (provided you did not fulfill the necessary spending until after January 1, 2020).

But, if you do decided to jump on this deal now to have the Pass for this year, you can still do spending and send out card referrals to help you get to the 110,000 points needed to keep the Companion pass for 2020 as well. It will just take a lot more points than normal with the regular card offer.

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