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The New Delta SkyMiles Select – Is It Worth It? Subscription Service for Travelers

Written by Charlie

The new Delta SkyMiles select is a travel subscription service that will help a certain group of Delta customers. Find out if it is worth it for you!

Yesterday, Delta announced a new subscription service for travelers and it is called SkyMiles Select. Here is a rundown on whether this $59 is worth it or not.

What Is SkyMiles Select?

Link: SkyMiles Select

The Delta SkyMiles Select is a subscription service that is targeted at flyers who fly often but not enough to receive elite status. It costs $59 per year and the boarding benefit lasts a year from the time of purchase. Here is what it includes:

  • Main Cabin 1 Boarding
  • 8 Drink Coupons
  • Luggage Tag

The luggage tag is basically a “ehh” type of thing (unless you like a little extra bling on your bag) so we will not include that. The real benefit to all travelers is the Main Cabin 1 boarding. The 8 drink coupons are worth up to $9 (so, $72 with the subscription) per certificate but not all travelers drink so the main component that will apply to all is the Main Cabin 1 boarding.

What Is “Main Cabin 1 Boarding” and What Is it Worth?

Main Cabin 1 boarding is the first general boarding group. It comes after First Class, Comfort +, and most elite customers (Diamond, Platinum, and Gold). Main Cabin 1 is what Delta Medallion Silver elite members are included in for boarding. It is also the boarding group that Delta credit card members use.

The best part about Main Cabin 1 for boarding is that you are almost sure to have overhead bin space. To make it even better, this works for you and up to 8 of your companions (on the same reservation). Finally, it even works for Basic Economy tickets! This is great news for anyone that buys these tickets yet still wants overhead bin space.

That is what the boarding comes down to – having space in the overhead bin. If you value this and fly more than 4 times per year, then this could certainly make sense.

Should You Buy SkyMiles Select?

So, who should not buy the new SkyMiles Select?

  • Elite Members
  • Delta credit card holders
  • Travelers that only fly Delta a couple of times per year
  • Travelers who buy Comfort+ or business/first class tickets

Of course, if you value the drinks and fly in economy, then you would probably find value even if you are one of the above people (and do not have a Have One On Us coupons).

Who should buy the new SkyMiles Select?

  • Customers who buy Basic Economy
  • Customers who travel with friends or family
  • Customers who fly on at least 4 Delta flights per year

That’s it! I do like that this could take the place of the Delta credit card for people that are fed up with what Delta is doing with them – or for people who choose to not fill one of their Amex slots with a Delta card. It is important to note that you will not get a checked bag with Delta SkyMiles Select and the (soon-to-be) $99-per-year Delta American Express Gold does include that and the Main Cabin 1 boarding as well. If you were to make one roundtrip with Delta in a year and need to pay for a single checked bag, it can make more sense to have that credit card.

To sum up, if you are a non-elite flyer without a Delta credit card, the new SkyMiles Select could be perfect for the traveler that buys Basic Economy tickets and carries everything onboard.

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