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The New Bose 700 Noise Cancelling Headphones Are Here – How to Save a Little Money

Written by Charlie

The new Bose 700 noise cancelling headphones are available for sale now and reviews say they are great! Find ways to save a few extra dollars on the new Bose 700.

After resting on their laurels from the Bose QuietComfort 25 success, Bose had kind of slipped a bit. Sure, their current QC35II is a great headphone but it had lacked a lot of things that allowed competitors like Sony to pull ahead in that space (the Sony WH-1000XM3 is awesome!). Now, they are back with the Bose 700 and it appears that they have an absolute winner on their hands.

The New Bose 700 Noise Cancelling Headphones Are Here

Deliveries on preorders went out last week and now most Bose retailers have the Bose 700 in stock. That means that there are already a lot of reviews out there about the new Bose 700 and many of them are quite favorable. Some of the even call the Bose 700 the “king” of the smart noise cancelling headphone space.

Some of the changes are small physical ones that actually make a big difference (like changing the charging port to USB-C instead of micro-USB – a great move since so many electronics now use USB-C) while others go for making the whole user experience better than ever. One of these features is the ability to dial in a particular amount of noise cancellation (via configurable button on the headphones or exact measurements via the app) which can be really nice if you are in different kinds of environments.

Build Quality and Design

The jury will be out for a while as to the overall build quality. Bose decided to go for a streamlined design that includes a pretty neat slide action for the headphones when you change their expansion. However, I did see some reviews that mentioned their hesitation regarding this build quality since it does not feel as sturdy when moving it around as the QC35II and earlier models did.

Also, you know longer get that “click” feel and sound when you are making the headphones to stretch out – some may love it, some may be frustrated with it.

Personally, I like the smaller footprint of the design. You now see people wearing their headphones out in public a lot more instead of just on airplanes and having a slimmer design makes it easier to do this than before. This makes sense also with the new “Bose AR” that promises to give an audio version of augmented reality based on your location and your head movement.

All in all, it does seem like Bose has a winner here. I would love to give them a try at some point (and may in a month or two) but have to say that I am also very happy with my Sony WH-1000XM3 headphones. They do a great job and I like the overall feel.

Where to Find the Best Deals on the Bose 700 Headphones

With a retail price of $399, these are not cheap. Also, they are not likely to have a sale on them for quite a while. So, if you do want them, how do you find the best price on the Bose 700 headphones?

It is going to be all about shopping portals and reward programs. Those methods won’t give huge savings but will chip away a bit at your overall final price.

Consider this as well – the Sony WH-1000XM3 are better than the Bose QC35II in most ways and are currently on sale for $298. Do you think the Bose 700 would be worth $100 more than those, right now? 🙂


One exception would be at Amazon. Amazon has been backordered on them but now promises to have the black models in stock on July 24. If you have an American Express card with Membership Reward points, you could try one of the two promos to see if you get either $30 off or $50 off (remember, only use 1 Membership Reward point at checkout!). These are targeted and not everyone has been able to use it (which includes me) so take that into consideration.

One other thing about Amazon is with the upcoming Amazon Prime Day. I seriously doubt we will see a sale on the Bose 700 (though I am almost certain the other Bose headphones will have sales). But, Amazon has run special credit card rebate offers for their Amazon Prime credit cards in the past that have worked on Bose. That has included a whopping 20% back in rewards! So, keep an eye out for that! Besides, they don’t have them in for a while longer so you could always just wait and see.

Best Buy

I love shopping at Best Buy because I have Elite Plus rewards status. Among other benefits, it means I get 45 days to return items! That means there is plenty of time in the tech world for sales to match to!

Also, they have their rewards program that rewards anywhere from .5 point to 1.25 points per dollar you spend (depending on your elite status). That can help on the rebate side to earn something back.

In addition, if you have an American Express Membership Rewards card, check your Amex Offers for the deal where you get an extra MR point for every dollar spent at Best Buy through the end of the year. That adds up as well.

Finally, use a shopping portal. That can earn you more miles or outright cash back.


If you do want to buy direct from Bose, make sure you start through a shopping portal. At present, you can get 3 American Airline miles per dollar. On this purchase, that would net you just a tick under 1,200 AA miles. With some promo sales on awards starting at 7,500 miles, that could help get you to a free flight quicker!


Oh, the Bose 700 arrived just too late! Through June 30, Amex had a deal where you would get 10% back on your Amex MR cards when you shopped at Dell. Matched with some occasional high portal offers, it was possible to get like 25% cash back!

But, that is no more! Instead, some Amex Membership Reward cards do have a deal where you get one extra MR point per dollar spent so check and add that to your card.

Dell also has a rewards program where you can earn $11 back for future purchases when you buy the Bose 700. Also, I would wait on this until we see another high shopping portal offer.

Bose 700 headphones are also on sale at B&H, Adorama, and Walmart but there aren’t any particularly extra ways to save more at those locations – unless you are in a state that B&H does not charge sales tax for! If that is the case, check out B&H as you may want to save that $24 or so (they should be getting them in next week).

I know – none of these are groundbreaking deals but these headphones just came out! I did want to highlight a couple of ways you could save a few bucks on your new purchase in case you are ready to buy now.

If you can wait, hold on until Amazon Prime Day, July 15th! Again, I don’t expect these to be on sale, but last year, Target and eBay were running some great discount codes that worked on Bose headphones. If they do it again, you could save maybe 10-15% on the headphones!

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