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The Incredible New Singapore Suites Class Raises the Bar – Again

new singapore suites class
Written by Charlie

The brand new Singapore Suites class has been revealed and it is amazing! Check out these gorgeous cabins with more space than before!

One of my favorite first class cabins has been the Singapore Suites. It has the privacy element but also the luxurious, elegant touch throughout the cabin as well. The Singapore Suites class has been around for years and really set the course for the latest luxurious first class cabins that we have now. It was time for an upgrade and it appears that the new Singapore Suites class really will deliver!

The Incredible New Singapore Suites Class Raises the Bar – Again

Yesterday, there were some leaks of this incredible new Suites class but now Singapore has made it official – and it is really something else to look at! I mean, it makes Etihad’s First Apartment look less incredible, which I did not think was possible!

new singapore suites class

Courtesy of Singapore Airlines – New Singapore Suites Class

First of all, Singapore is putting this new Singapore Suites class on the upper deck of the A380 and there will be only 6 suites. This is in contrast to Etihad’s 9 apartments so you know right away things will be a bit more spacious.

The chair does swivel and recline – up to 135 degrees. As much as I love Etihad’s First Apartment, that was the biggest failing to me – the little amount the seat reclined. With Singapore opting to have separate chairs and beds, it gives back that great recline.

Entertainment is covered as well with a 32″ screen near the door to the suite.

new singapore suites class

The television aboard the new Singapore Suites Class | Courtesy of Singapore Airlines

The Double Bed

With the other airlines introducing fantastic first class cabins on their A380s and unique perks for each, the feature on Singapore that stood out was their “double bed” feature. These were the suites in the center of the cabin that could turn into a double bed with the barrier down, perfect for traveling couples.

With only 6 suites, some may have wondered if the double bed would continue to exist and, yes, it does! Plus, it is an even better use of space and more accommodating than the older version!

new singapore suites class

Courtesy of Singapore Airlines – New Singapore Suites Class

Showers? Nope!

Another thing is that Singapore says they have no plans to put a shower onboard, stating that their passengers prefer the privacy that their cabin would give them. While it is a cool thing to shower onboard an airplane while flying, I certainly never felt it was necessary for me. After all, you would, most of the time, have a really incredible lounge to shower in before take off and sometimes a lounge to visit for a shower after.

new singapore suites class

Courtesy of Singapore Airlines – New Singapore Suites Class – One of the lavatories

new singapore suites class

The larger lavatory – Singapore Suites Class – Courtesy Singapore Airlines

Since most of us shower once a day and there is very little activity done onboard, a shower in the sky isn’t a necessity. 🙂 Plus, I would prefer that extra space in my own suite!

new singapore suites class

Courtesy of Singapore Airlines – New Singapore Suites Class

While not as roomy as Emirates’ Shower Spa, these lavatories in the new Singapore Suites Class cabin are really fantastic looking! Look at all of the space and how comfortable the whole area is! With only 6 passengers able to have access to this lavatory, this is very private.

What About Food?

Singapore has long had the Book the Cook feature that let you order ahead of time with your preferred dishes. You could order something from the onboard menu as well but Book the Cook gave you the ability to pick something special for your flight.

new Singapore Suites Class

The Singapore Suites Class Lobster Thermidor

Singapore Suites Class Seared Nut-Crushed Veal Fillet

When Is It Coming and Where Can You Fly On It?

Singapore is launching their new Singapore Suites Class equipped plane on the Singapore – Sydney route on December 18th. Tickets are around $4,000 for a one way ticket or 47,500 miles if you can find availability. They will be rolling it out to all of their A380 aircraft after that.

I really cannot wait to try this out for myself! I loved the original Singapore Suites class and this really takes it up to another level. Hey, Emirates, your turn!

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