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The First Test Flight of a Passenger Drone Took Place – And You Can Probably Guess Where!

Written by Charlie

Imagine being able to call for a drone to pick you up just like a Uber car! That could be near as the first test flight took off today!

We have autonomos cars on the move in the US and a move by many of the big companies to launch similar type vehicles over time as the technology develops. But, some are not content with this tech for just land-based movement. A first trial took place with such a vehicle, a passenger drone, and the parties are serious about getting this thing in the air for regular customers.

The First Test Flight of a Passenger Drone Took Off in Dubai

Dubai had started talking about this taxi drone service last year and they are serious about getting it going. Today, Dubai Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed was able to take the first (after safety pilots of course!) flight in this new drone as it flew him up 200 meters for 5 minutes.

The drone is the creation of a German company and Dubai is eager to be a big customer. This drone that was used today carries two passengers and the goal is to let it carry passengers for up to 30 minutes. Safety is of course a big concern and they are making sure that there will be plenty of backups and even parachutes.

With consumer drones having serious avoidance detection and manueveruability built-in, it is obvious that this same technology can be scaled and used for drones like this. Dubai hopes to have an Uber type service of passenger drones in place within 5 years by allowing customers to call for a Volocopter (as the company is called) while waiting at designated pads.

Of course, the first place this would be used and seen would be Dubai! They love to be on the cutting edge of the biggest and best and this type of thing really fits in with the city. It would also be very popular as there are many in the city that could afford this type of convenience and speed no matter the cost. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of these ended up in some of the citizens’ “garages” as well!

Can’t wait to find out the cost and maybe even try one out if they have referral links. 🙂

HT: Reuters

Featured image from Volocopters Facebook page

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