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The Bluesmart Smart Carryon Adds Uber Integration

Written by Charlie

This year, we have seen more “smart” luggage hitting the scene. One product that became a big crowdfunding hit was the Bluesmart bag. It blew past its targeted goal easily and now they have added an additional integration feature to make your travel more seamless – Uber integration.

Bluesmart Carryon With Uber Integration


The Bluesmart carryon

To review, here are the details about the Bluesmart carryon:

What Does It Do?

Bluesmart Website

This carry-on sounds like it will do a lot of stuff! It will be great if they can make good on all of it. Much of the feature-set is found in the app which will allow you to:

  • Check can check its location (they are promising to cover the globe eventually with that ability)
  • Check the weight of a bag
  • Have proximity alerts (just in case you are one of those who tend to walk away from your bag)
  • Unlock/lock your bag remotely (and it will be approved by the TSA)
  • Track the trips (it will remind you of where you are going – through TripIt implementation – and show you where you, and your bag, have been)

It will also charge your electronics, with the statement that it can charge your phone up to 6 times. It will also have a special area for your electronics so you can unload them quickly at security and repack.

Uber Integration


Bluesmart and Uber have joined up / photo from Bluesmart

Now, Bluesmart has added Uber for when your bag gets lost in transit. With the partnership with Uber, you can now have “lost luggage recovery concierge” to get that bag to you. If your bag is lost, you can track it through the wireless connection and Bluesmart will hook up your bag with an Uber driver to deliver your bag right to you.

Of course, the airline is responsible for getting your bag to you, but if you are in a hurry or you mistakenly left your bag behind, this feature could come in handy.


Your bag will offer to call Uber for you! / Photo from

Not only that, but the Uber integration will search for an Uber car when you land and offer to call Uber for you. It is easy enough already to use the Uber app, but it is nice to see a product try to integrate a little tighter with your travel habits.

Bluesmart also offers a free Uber ride to the airport on this page, but the coupon is not working. The Bluesmart page does say it is limited so it may have run out already, which is a shame. 🙂


I am curious to see this bag and see how well it performs. Since it is a carryon, I cannot see many people checking it in, but there are certainly times when an airline requires a bag to be gate-checked and then they lose that bag. In such a case, the Uber integration could come in handy.

Anyone order one of these?

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