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The Agony Of Portal Earnings Left On The Table

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Written by Charlie

Portal earnings are one of the best ways to generate miles, points, and cashback when shopping. But, leaving those portal earnings on the table can certainly bring a terrible feeling.

I do a fair bit of writing about miles, points, and cashback that can be had through portal earnings. This month, I was happy to have generated tens of thousands of miles, points, and the equivalent in cashback through portal offerings. It is just as easy as beginning your online shopping through a portal website – and watch the earnings pile up!

The Agony Of Portal Earnings Left On The Table

Which means that it is a pretty bad feeling when you actually leave portal earnings on the table while shopping. It happens but you would think that a guy that writes about these things would not have earnings left on the table – especially at a large retailer. But it happened and I think I might be over it. 🙂

I wrote the other day about Amazon’s great 30% discount they were running on a host of items. I was able to snag a pair of my ASICs with that discount and then, just before it ended, I was reminded by my wife that I really needed some regular shoes. I put 20-30 miles on those shoes per week and that means I go through them in under 2 years. Sure enough, it had been about that amount of time and my shoes were really showing their age.

Amazon Cashback

portal earnings


So, back to Amazon for some great deals with the 30% discount! And a great deal it was! JCPenny had the same pair of shoes with Black Friday pricing for $55 – down from $99. Thanks to the Amazon discount, a sale already in place, and the 25% off I am getting for everything on Amazon (thanks to the Amex Offer), I ended up out-the-door (so to speak) for $23 for the same pair! Plus, it turned out to be the last pair so good timing!

Except… I had forgotten with both this pair of shoes and my ASICs that Amazon does have portal earnings in certain categories – and one of the categories then had been 7% on shoes. 🙁 Now, they do specify that the code has to be on the TopCashBack website for it to be a valid order when a code is used on Amazon, but I think that I did see that code on there. To make myself feel better, I am just telling myself that there was no code on the page and TopCashBack would not have paid out anyway! 🙂 Please tell me I wouldn’t have earned anything!!!

Since Amazon does not have a portal bonus for most of the items they sell, I put my affiliate link for Amazon in when I write about items sold by Amazon. It helps to pay me a small commission when items are bought (Thank You!) and you are not missing out on portal earnings. However, make sure you check at TopCashBack to see if there is a valid link for items you may be interested in buying! It can help you get some money back as well.

Have you ever had portal earnings left on the table? If so, what was the largest amount of earnings you had forgotten to grab?

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