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Thanksgiving Sale on Gasoline! These Stations Have Gas for $1.99 a Gallon

Written by Charlie

Traveling for Thanksgiving? There are 368 gas stations where you can get Unleaded 88 gasoline for less than $2 a gallon!

If you are one of the millions of Americans hitting the road for Thanksgiving, there may be one more thing you can give thanks for – gas under $2 a gallon! Sheetz is helping Americans out with a special drop for gas this week.

Thanksgiving Sale on Gasoline – $1.99 a Gallon

Sheetz has announced that, as of yesterday, they will be running a sale of $1.99 a gallon on Unleaded 88 gasoline. This has 5% more ethanol than Unleaded 87. Most cars should be fine with the 15% ethanol but check your car’s manual to be sure.

This price will be valid through November 28 and is available at all 368 Sheetz stations in the mid-Atlantic region (that sell the Unleaded 88). Click here to find the closest one to you.

In addition to the lower price fuel, you can also get a special offer when you sign up for My Sheetz reward program and use code FUELUP88. This program helps you earn discounts on fuel or items in the convenience stores.

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  • FYI – Not all 368 Sheetz locations will have the $1.99/gallon gas. Laws in both Maryland and West Virginia prohibit them from selling gas below cost. That eliminates 92 locations (33 in MD and 59 in WV).

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