Thanks for Nothing, Bluebird!

I Love Bluebird
Written by Charlie

American Express’ Bluebird used to be an incredibly useful tool but it stopped being that for me when they shut me down. Now, they are closing it down.


It has been quite a while since I have thought anything about that wonderful creature released by American Express a few years ago – that Bluebird so many of us chased hard. The last I really heard from Amex about my Bluebird was in January of 2016 when I (and many, many others) received notice that we were being terminated from loading.

Thanks for Nothing, Bluebird!

Well, I finally heard again from Bluebird today and it only served to remind me of what a great tool Bluebird used to be. Here is what the e-mail said:

For the security and convenience of our customers, we regularly monitor activity on all accounts. As part of this regular review, we recently noticed that your American Express Bluebird® Account has not been used in the past 12 months and has a zero ($0) balance. Due to this inactivity, we plan to close your Account on May 19th, 2017 unless funds are added to your Account on or before that date. If you recently added funds to your Account, please disregard this email.

Add funds to your Account

If you would like to keep your Account open, please add funds onto your Account on or before May 19th, 2017. You can add money to your account with your debit card and free cash reloads at virtually any Walmart checkout register.

Oh, really, Bluebird? Thanks, but the reason I have a zero balance in my account is because you told me that I could no longer load money onto my account! Remember that?

This is just Amex’s way of getting rid of all of our Bluebird accounts by submitting notice that they need to be closed since there has not been activity. Too bad they wouldn’t give me one more chance to load some things on to it! 🙂

Did you get a similar letter today from American Express about your Bluebird account? When had you been shut down from loading?

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  • Got the same BB notice today.

    Q: Is there any different effect on my credit for me to close rather than them closing it? Folks used to mention “closed by cardholder” option as being preferable in credit reports.

  • When my Bluebird blew (blue?) up, I left the funds on it as-is. I know I can’t load more to it, but at least I’d be able to do Amex Offers.

    Nothing good in a while, but once in a while, a nice Amex offer comes up that I want to utilize on all my cards, including Bluebird.

    • If for people who cash there gift cards in. Also u can transfer credit on there to receive extra miles on the other credit card. It’s Just people abusing a good trade.

  • Even though I got the “reloading terminated” email a while back, I have still been getting the monthly “see your recent activity” email. Go figure. I cleaned out the balance when going to Wal*Mart stopped being fun (insert laughter here) but may try to put a buck back in, just for fun. No notice today, but maybe it hasn’t been 12 months yet for me.

  • Interesting. Maybe they opened your account back up for loading? Just wondering. I was just in a Walmart today and noticed that they installed a new ATM machine where the kiosk used to be. It had a sign talking about how you can load cards, etc. I have an open BB and never have used it to load or game like many. I got in on the tail end of all that and just left it mostly alone. I use it to load Walmart savings catcher refunds from the app but not much else.

  • Just out of curiosity, can you still open a new one and load funds via “debit” card at Walmart?

  • Close my account not long after the limitation… There are some lucky busters who set up backup funding for Serve with AT&T card when it was still possible and used their card ever since for virtually every none bonus categories and earn 3x TYP for them. And since backup funding is not considered as loading, they can still do it now.

  • I have a bluebird card, ND I’ve never gotten an email and I’ve reloaded it today on the 19th. So idk what
    U guys r talking about.

    P.s. Not leaving a real email

  • Yeah, the entire concept for this card has been joke from the beginning. Who exactly were they hoping would use it? It’s like selling condoms with terms and conditions that say they can only be used as balloons at children’s parties and then getting mad that prostitutes are the only ones buying them.