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[Targeted] Marriott Card 80,000 Point Offer In The Wild – Possible Match

The other day, I wrote a post about e-mail offers and how they do not always present the best offer available. A couple of readers commented that the e-mails they had received were actually for an impressive 80,000 Marriott point offer!

Marriott 80,000 Point Offer – Targeted

Now, I am not sure what the criteria is to be eligible for these offers as I played around a bit with the application address to see if I could get it but it would not come up. It is not because of elite status as I have Gold status just like one of the people that received it. It could be for those who have upcoming stays (one reader mentioned he has a few stays coming up), but I would be surprised if the targeting was based on something like that.

It could very well be of a more random nature. If that is the case, there is a good chance you could receive a match to the 80,000 point offer after applying for one of the other offers (like the 70,000 point offer). But, be aware that the $89 annual fee is not waived the first year with this offer as with other offers!

The spending required for this card offer is higher than the 70,000 point offer – $3,000 in 90 days instead of $2,000. Plus, there is the annual fee to consider.

Possible Match?

If the 10,000 extra points sound worth it, it may be worth a secure message (through the Chase website when logged in) to ask them to match it to the 80,000 point offer. One reader mentioned that he had been matched when he asked.

Is it worth it? 

Basically, you will be paying $89 (annual fee up front) and spending an extra $1,000 to earn the extra 10,000 points with this offer. Are Marriott Reward points worth that cost? The answer would be – potentially. If you have an upcoming trip planned and you want the maximum amount of points in the shortest amount of time, this offer would be worthwhile. Otherwise, I would stick with the 70,000 point offer.

Here is the describing the details of the offer – link.

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  • Charlie, which is best, The Hilton Honors Card which I already have through Citi Bank It is the Signature card with no annual fees.
    Or The New Marriott card that offers either 70,000 points or 80,000 points with additional 7,500 for a authorized user added.

    • There is no downside to keeping the Hilton card since it has no annual fee and it is gone now for new applications. The Marriott card is a strong offer, especially if you get a business version as well and maybe a SPG card. After transferring the SPG points (1:3) to Marriott, you would have enough for one of Marriott’s very popular Flight + Hotel packages.