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Targeted: 50,000 Hyatt Point Credit Card Offer

50,000 Hyatt point
Written by Charlie

Finally, there is a 50,000 Hyatt point credit card offer out! It is targeted to e-mail recipients only but it is good to know it is out there! Find out what to search for to see if you have received this offer as well.

There had been some noise about an offer like this earlier this year, but Hyatt had said that there was not an offer like that at the time. It appears that this has changed now as I received a targeted e-mail for a 50,000 point offer for the Hyatt credit card. This could be great for those that receive it!

Targeted: 50,000 Hyatt Point Credit Card Offer

50,000 Hyatt point

This would be a great offer for most people!

Public Offer vs Targeted Offer

The public offer on the Hyatt credit card is for 2 free nights after spending $1,000 in 3 months. I like that offer and think it is a very strong offer. It lets you grab two nights at even the highest category hotels which normally cost 30,000 points per night – that is a 60,000 point value!

But, the math becomes a little more skewed towards points if you do not stay at a Category 7 property. If you stay at Category 6 hotels, it becomes a wash (25,000 points per night). However, if you were to redeem for a Category 5 or below, it begins to favor a point offer over a free night offer.

Other than the sign-up bonus, everything stays the same as the public offer:

  • Platinum status as long as you hold the card
  • 5,000 bonus points for adding an authorized user
  • Free anniversary night at Category 1-4
  • $0 Annual Fee first year, $75 each year after
  • Must apply by 11/30/2015

At the bottom of the e-mail, there is an invitation code so it is very targeted (the application page pre-populates with the customer information)

Benefits of Points Offer

Multiple Free Nights


With Hyatt free nights starting at 5,000 points, a 50,000 point offer would give up to 10 free nights at Hyatt hotels instead of only getting 2 nights at any Hyatt. It would give 5 nights at category 2 hotels (which category even includes some Park Hyatt hotels) and 4 nights at category 3s. It would level out at the category 6 hotels – they cost 25,000 points per night so a 50,000 point offer would give you 2 free nights at a category 6, but not a category 7.

Sign-Up Offer Would Help With Elite Stays and Promo Stays


Unlike SPG, award stays at Hyatt hotels do not count for elite stay purposes or promos. If you were to receive an offer for 50,000 points, you could use those in a Points+Cash configuration that does work for elite status and promo stays. If use to stay at category 2 hotels, 50,000 points would give you the point component of 12 nights – or only 13 shy of the stays required for Hyatt Diamond status. It is even better if used at category 1 hotels – that point requirement for the Points+Cash stays is only 2,500 points. That means you could have the point component of 20 nights with a 50,000 point sign-up offer!

Nights Would Be Eligible For Suite Upgrades

If you used the sign-up points for Points+Cash stays, you would be able to apply Diamond Suite Upgrade certificates to your rooms further increasing the points’ value for your stay and a sign-up bonus!

Points Do Not Expire

The current offer of 2 free nights has the 2 free nights expiring within 1 year from the date of issuance. In contrast, the points do not expire and can be used for some time to come. That, again, increases their flexibility and usage.

Search Your E-Mail

In case you may have received the offer, here is what you should search for: Special Offer: Earn 50,000 Points. That will be in the subject line.


I think this is a fantastic credit card offer from Hyatt! For most people, I feel this would be even better than the 2 free night offer simply because of the amount of flexibility it gives to cardholders. I mean, you have the potential of 10 free nights with the points from this card!

At this time, it is very targeted, but there is an expiration date of November 30. It may be a test to see how well it is accepted and hopefully will see a greater rollout later.

Did you get the offer? Would you prefer this over the free night offer?

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  • Yes! finally. I’ve been waiting for this to happen for a while. I’ll be signing up asap as soon as I get the offer or a public link is discovered.

  • Pretty solid offer for people looking to get more flexibility with free nights or p+c as you described above. Any information on changes or updates on Diamond status from cc spend or any other updates from the targeted surveys earlier this year?

  • I had just got this card 2 weeks back for the regular 2 free nights offer. Is it possible to match to this offer? I really dont have any wish to stay at higher category hotels, rather I would prefer to redeem for 6+ nights.