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Summer Olympics 2021? IOC Says Decision Will Come in Weeks

Written by Charlie

With the IOC saying a decision will be coming within weeks, will we have a Summer Olympics 2021? Cancellation is not on the table but postponement is a consideration.

Just a few months ago, it seemed like all systems were go for the Tokyo Summer Olympics 2020. Not only were events and hotels selling out left and right, but people were expecting the Japanese people to put on a simply amazing Olympics. But, now it looks like it could be Summer Olympics 2021…

Summer Olympics 2021 as Postponement Talks Heat Up

Link: IOC Statement

The question started coming out publicly about a month ago – what will happen to the Summer Olympics? IOC and Japan said no way to cancellations and that a decision would be made by the end of May.

According to the latest word, it appears we could actually get a decision by the end of April and that decision will most likely create a Summer Olympics 2021. The IOC says cancellation is not going to happen but even the Japanese members and president indicated that there is an opening for postponement.

Summer Olympics 2021? Postponement Possible?

With massive sporting events around the world being postponed or canceled (MLB, NBA, PGA, marathons, and more), I would imagine that most people expect the Olympics to be postponed as well. There had been talk of making them a televised event only, but that would only serve to help NBC with their $1 billion contract to cover the Olympics. Japan would not be helped at all as millions of people would not spend money, pay for hotels, and fly to Japan.

Now, Canada has said they will not send their teams to Tokyo for 2020. Australia has said that there teams should be preparing for the 2021 Olympics. Russia is banned from participating anyway so they would not be there in either year.

At this point, I think it is just about nailing down the specifics and working on the details about moving the Olympics to 2021. I think the entire committee knows it needs to happen. There is no way the world will have returned to complete normality by July 24.

While they say the decision will come in the next 4 weeks, I personally think we are going to hear in the next 2 weeks.

Strange Note

Here is something strange – the official website for the Summer Olympics is tokyo2020.org. Last month, someone in Canada (not the IOC) registered the domain name tokyo2021.org. They have updated it with a homepage to say it is for sale but also saying it is about a trip to play at the Olympic golf course in Tokyo in 2021. This was obviously a ploy to avoid a trademark claim and the ability to take the website – this way, the owner can claim it was about his own trip plans. Interesting…

Did you have tickets for the Olympics? What do you think about the postponement of the Olympics to 2021?

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