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Where to Still Find the 100K Point Chase Sapphire Reserve Offer

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Written by Charlie

Are you looking for the 100,000 point Chase Sapphire Reserve offer? Here are the details are on where you can find it and how long you have to apply!

Well, yesterday was a tough day for many! It was the day that the too-good-to-be-true Chase Sapphire Reserve offer was cut in half. Of course, it was a day we knew was coming and I am sure there were some last minute efforts to see if Chase had forgotten their 37 new cards in the last 24 months, but it is gone. So, where can you still find the 100K point Chase Sapphire Reserve offer?

Where to Find the 100K Point Chase Sapphire Reserve Offer

Link: Find a Chase Branch

Most of the people that really wanted the 100K point Chase Sapphire Reserve offer took advantage of it within the first couple of weeks. As we saw, it was more of a response than even Chase had planned for. But, there were still many of us that were just hoping the offer would stick around for a while until we dropped under the 5/24 line for Chase’s approval.

But, as of yesterday, the new online offer for the Chase Sapphire Reserve is 50,000 points – the same as the Chase Sapphire Preferred but with a much heftier annual fee.

Find the 100K Point Chase Sapphire Reserve Offer in a Chase Branch

The good news is that the 100K point offer is still available in Chase banks! If you have a Chase bank near you, definitely head over to it to check out the offer. It will be valid in branch until March 12, 2017. So, if you still need a month or so to drop below the 5/24 line, you have hope.

Do Not Apply Online!

Whatever you do, do not apply online for the Chase Sapphire Reserve offer in the next couple of months – not with my links or anyone else’s! If you do, you will be giving up 50,000 valuable Ultimate Reward points that are worth at least $750. It is totally not worth doing that!

After the in-branch bonus drops to 50,000 points, I would not suggest anyone sign-up for the Chase Sapphire Reserve offer for the time being. The Chase Sapphire Preferred will offer an initially better value and you can always upgrade to the Chase Sapphire Reserve card later.

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