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New Amex Offer for Hilton Gift Cards & One More Offer

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Written by Charlie

Two new Amex Offers landed today – one for Hilton gift cards and one for security. While security may not sound exciting, the offer is a 100% back offer!

Two new Amex Offers were loaded today, one of them for Hilton gift cards and the other is a 100% cash back offer on Frontpoint Security.

New Amex Offer for Hilton Gift Cards

Not being in the market for security systems, I am personally not that interested in the Frontpoint Security offer but the Hilton offer can have some value. Make sure you read about it carefully to ensure you get the full value from the offer.

Hilton Gift Cards

new amex offer

  • Spend $75+ in one or more transactions, get $5 back
  • Expires 4/30/2017
  • Valid online only at

You do have to purchase these directly from American Express at the above link to get the credit (according to the terms) so make sure you do that! However, you will be charged a $1.95 shipping fee unless you sign-up for the Premium Shipping Plan. This is free for 3 months so if you plan on taking advantage of this Amex Offer on several cards, I would certainly sign-up for this program to make sure you are getting your full $5 off instead of only $3. But, make sure you cancel it before the 3 months are up or you will have a $99 fee assessed!

Also, take note of this language – The Hilton Gift Card may be used only at Hilton Hotels and properties worldwide that accept American Express® Cards.

If you stay at Hilton properties a lot, this could be of some interest. But, you are only getting 7% back for this. If you have a Hilton Surpass card, you will be able to get 12x points per dollar spent on Hilton stays. If you value Hilton points at around .5 cent per point, that means you are getting 6% in value with no restrictions or having to buy anything ahead of time.

There is still some value to the Hilton Gift cards offer, but definitely examine the other options as well to see if it is worth loading up on these gift cards. Of course, if you wanted to give some as, you know, actual gifts then it would be a nice way to save 7% on your gift giving. 🙂

Frontpoint Security

new amex offer

While it is not something I am interested in, I do love seeing 100% back offers like this!

  • Spend $99+ in one or more transactions, get $99 back
  • Expires 4/13/2017
  • Valid at or by phone 855-267-5958

This is for a security system that is subscription based. I checked and on the non-Amex link, it is possible to get the setup package for $99. After that, it is $44.95 per month. If you were interested in a security system, you could save this offer to all of your Amex Offers and switch out your card every two months. If you have 8 cards (regular and authorized users) in the family, that is the setup fee and more than a year of free security service. Again, this would only be useful if you are currently a customer or seeking security systems.

Anyone receive any good, targeted offers?

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