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How to Stack and Save Big on HSN (Home Shopping Network)

save on HSN
Written by Charlie

Save at least $30 at HSN on $50 or more using these quick stacking tips! A great way to save on HSN shopping for gifts or for yourself!

Here is one Amex Offer that really did not appeal to me that much – at first. But, when I saw it in combination with another offer and saw what they have to offer, it did appear to be a much better deal than I had at first thought! Find out how to stack and save big on HSN purchases this season!

How to Stack and Save Big on HSN (Home Shopping Network)

This is again a multi-step operation but here is what it will get you – $50 in purchases for only $20 (plus miles/points)!

Step 1 – Save the Amex Offer to Your Cards

save on HSN

The offer was available on all of my cards so I assume it is not targeted (but it might be). If you have it on your cards, make sure you duplicate the browser tab as many times as you have cards in that Amex account and select a different card for each tab, and then save the offer to each card.

The offer is for spend $30 or more and get $10 back. The spending can be done in one or more transactions and expires 12/31/2016. The offer is good online and over the phone (though you will use it online for the next part).

Take your Amex card with the saved offer and move on to step 2!

Step 2 – Use a Shopping Portal

You don’t want to leave any miles or points on the table so head over to cashbackmonitor for the best portal payout options. At present, there are some cash back options at 5% but I would rate the Chase portal at the 3 points per dollar as the better option since it can be worth about 6% or more depending on its use.

Step 3 – Visa Checkout

Link: Visa Checkout for HSN

save on HSN

Now that you have your Amex card and you went through the shopping portal, you are at They have a deal going on right now with Visa Checkout that will let you take $20 off $40 or more when you use Visa Checkout. It is very simple – just add your Amex card to your Visa Checkout account and you are ready to check out!

Putting It Altogether

The $20 off $40 will come off at checkout if you are using Visa Checkout. Make sure you start with at least $50 so that your final total is a minimum of $30 to trigger the Amex Offer (though that can be triggered but a total of $30 in multiple transactions). If you opt for 5% cash back, checking out with $50 worth of merchandise in your card will end up costing you only $18.50! That is really not bad at all!

save on HSN

There are a lot of things that were decent deals to begin with on there that interested me. For example, everyone has been having a sale on the fantastic Bose Soundlink Mini II wireless speaker (at $179 from $199). But, using these simple stacking techniques, you can save an additional $37.50 on these quality speakers!

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