SPG’s New Promo: Win Tickets, Points, & More Prizes

SPG's New promo
Written by Charlie

SPG’s new promo is a quick, easy, and free game that can net you some Starpoints, tickets, and more prizes! Find out where to play and how often you can!

SPG runs some pretty neat promos (their promo last fall netted me a $50 Amazon gift card – not bad for just taking a minute to “play”). This time, it is a promo to kick off the MLB season and it is one where you can earn a bunch of things – all the way up to World Series tickets!

SPG’s New Promo: Get In The Game

SPG Promo

First, it costs nothing to play. It takes less than 60 seconds and you can do it once per day. Not bad, right?

I have done it with my wife’s account and mine and have so far only netted 15% discounts at the MLB shop. Not even close to interesting since I am always getting discounts there for at least 20%. Still, I am holding out hope that I will win something before it is up! Many people have already won some great prizes, including a bunch of Starpoints, so there are some good prizes to be had!

How To Play

  • Go to this SPG website
  • Enter your SPG number and password
  • Pick your teams (it does not have any bearing on whether you win)
  • Pick your pitches
  • Watch what happens!
  • Play once per day through March 18, 2016

The Prizes

Winning Play Quantity Instant Win Prize ARV*
Single Hit 425 1000 Starpoints $25.00
Double Hit (Non US) 255 5000 Starpoints $125.00
Double Hit (US Only)** 510 Amazon Gift Card $50.00
Triple Hit 85 10,000 Starpoints $250.00
Triple Hit (US Only)** 51 MLB.TV Premium Subscription $109.99
Home Run 34 20,000 Starpoints $500.00

Let me know if you have won any prizes yet! On a side not, I love that they are giving away World Series tickets this far in advance! I see prize offerings all the time where you can win tickets to the Super Bowl/World Series/etc and the contest is run like a week before! Give some advance notice, right? Thank you, SPG! Now, I just hope I win and that the Yankees are there!

To see how you can use your Starpoints for great MLB options, as well as how you could get suite tickets to a MLB game for free, check out this post.

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