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The SPG Cards May Be Around A Lot Longer Than Many Thought!

SPG points for the Southwest Companion Pass
Written by Charlie

SPG cards are very valuable and have a lot of benefits with them. It appears that these cards and their bonuses will be around until late 2018!


With the SPG and Marriott continuing their integration into a single program (in 2018), many people have wondered when the SPG cards would be gone for good. There have been several dates cast around but the date I saw for applications on the current offer (which is the normal 25,000 point offer), the SPG cards may be around a lot longer than many thought!

SPG Cards Will Be Around Until October, 2018?!

When you look at the referral e-mail for the SPG cards, you will see at the bottom this wording:

Remember – click “Apply Now” to apply. Your application must be received and approved by 10/31/2018 so that you can be eligible for the Welcome Bonus and your friend can be eligible for their Referral Bonus.10*

spg cards

That is a long time – these card offers should be good through October 31, 2018 from what they are saying here. Of course, they could change something but I would doubt that as this is on the offers that are going out to potential customers. They won’t want to close the doors on new business by shrinking that date.

So, it looks like the SPG card offers will be around until at least October 31, 2018! Great news if you are in the market for one of these cards or you want to know how long some of the benefits tied to these cards may be around until.

To see this date for yourself, go to the referral website (see this post) and send yourself the link. You will see it at the bottom.

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  • I think you are reading too much into that. The date in the offer is likely auto generated, and has nothing to do with the Marriot/SPG plans.

    • Those dates are always for the validity of a particular offer. Chase does the same thing on their referral offers and this one is farther out that any other referral offer before.

  • I think most people assumed that the AMEX Card would be around at least until the merger is completed so this really isn’t NEW news for most and this really does not confirm anything.

    • I think many people thought the Citi Hilton cards would be around for a while longer as well! I have read many suppositions that the Amex links for SPG would disappear shortly into 2018 so it is nice to at least see a date further off than that from Amex! Could they change it? Sure but I think they would not have created such a far off date (which is unusual for their offers) without wanting to back it up.