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SPG Auction Ending Tomorrow Where Being A “Bad” Singer Could Earn 2 Free Luxury MLB Tickets!

A cool SPG auction is ending tomorrow where it will give one bidder an incredible MLB experience and two other bidders tickets to a luxury suite at a Cubs game!

Tomorrow is ending one of the cooler MLB/SPG Moments Auctions available – the opportunity to sing the National Anthem at a Chicago Cubs game and 2 Luxury Suite tickets!

SPG Auction Ending Tomorrow Where Being A “Bad” Singer Could Earn 2 Free Luxury MLB Tickets

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SPG Auction Link

While that in and of itself is cool, the auction is also having something else very interesting. Because the winner of the auction may not be the kind of singer that the Chicago Cubs are looking for, SPG is giving the 3 top bidders the shot at earning that singing slot. They each have to submit an audition tape and the Cubs will determine who will be the one to sing on July 18th before they take on the NY Mets.

That means that being the winning bidder does not necessarily win you the spot of singing the National Anthem, but it does guarantee you will have 2 Luxury Suite tickets! Here is how it works.

The top 3 bidders of the auction will submit an audition tape to sing at a Cubs game. If you are selected, you will be able to sing the National Anthem at the Chicago Cubs game on July 18 when they host the NY Mets. With the package you will also receive 2 suite tickets and food and drink throughout the game.

Free Tickets For The “Losers”

The real deal could be for the “losers” of the audition. If you are not selected for the singing of the National Anthem, then you will have all of your points returned to you and you will receive 2 Luxury Suite tickets to any Cubs game during the second half of the season! That’s right, free luxury suite tickets to the game of your choice at the Cubs stadium during the second half of the season. That means that even if the Cubs are not your team, you could still check the schedule to see if your team will be playing there and get the 2 Luxury Suite tickets for that game! So, if you are one of the top three bidders and a “bad” singer (or at least you record bad), those free tickets could be yours. You would just have to not be the best of the “worst” tapes submitted! 🙂

The two (2) other bidders will have their Starpoints returned and receive (2) SPG Luxury Suite tickets each to any game in the second half of regular season play.

The catch? You have to have enough points in your account to bid up to whatever it is at and your points will be held until the winning singer is chosen. If you don’t mind having your points held for a bit and if it doesn’t go higher than the points you have, this could be a nice way to score some free tickets! The bidding ends tomorrow (March 21) at 11AM EDT. As of the publishing of this post, the bidding is at 74,500 Starpoints.


  • Auction Link
  • Game for winner and selected singer is July 18 in Chicago
  • Selected singer will sing and receive 2 Luxury Suite tickets
  • The 2 bidders not selected will receive their points back and 2 Luxury Suite tickets to the game of their choice in the second half of the season hosted by the Cubs
  • Bidding ends March 21 at 11:00AM EDT

Make sure that you read the terms and conditions as this is not transferrable. So, if you do win and are selected, you cannot give your tickets to someone else. There are some other details as well so check them out before bidding.

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