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SPG 35,000 Point Offers Ending – Help Fellow Readers!

SPG Moment auctions
Written by Charlie

The huge SPG 35,000 point offers are expiring tomorrow. If you need to get one, consider applying through a reader’s link, here, and have fun seeing what they would do with the referral points.

As you may have seen on other blogs, tomorrow is the final day for the SPG 35,000 point offers. These are the best offers that the SPG cards have ever seen and certainly worthy of getting! Since SPG cards only earn 1 point per dollar, this is really a great deal!

SPG 35,000 Point Offers Ending

Who Is Eligible For The Bonus?

First things first. Last week, amex changed the terms on their business cards to eliminate any previous/current cardholder from ever receiving the bonus again. Now, that policy applies to both personal and business cards.

This means that if you have ever had a business or personal SPG card, you are not eligible for this bonus. Amex will let you apply and may even give you the card, but you will not receive the bonus. If you are not sure if you have had the card(s), contact Amex to see if you have had it.

But, if you have had one card, you are absolutely eligible for the other card bonus. So, if you had the personal card, you can go ahead and get the business card and receive that bonus. The same works in the reverse.

Bonus Details

35,000 Starpoints

Personal Card

  • Earn 35,000 Starpoints after spending $3,000 in 3 months
  • $95 annual fee (waived for the first year)
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • Offer expires 3/30/2016

Business Card

  • Earn 35,000 Starpoints after spending $5,000 in 3 months
  • $95 annual fee (waived for the first year)
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • Offer expires 3/30/2016

Getting The Bonus Offer

The public links are  up and can be found right on the Amex home page or from here – personal card and business card. BUT, it would be great if you would read the stories below from other readers and select one of them to get a referral from your application.

Card Details

The Amex SPG cards are some of the most flexible out there given what you can do with their points. One of the things that makes them even more valuable is that you only earn 1 point per dollar spent for general spending. With these points, there are a variety of options to redeem for, including such things as transferring to a number of airlines and receiving a bonus of 5,000 miles when you transfer 20,000 points.

Also, you can do things like use these Starpoints for Moments, special packages that SPG has put together for their members. Some of them can give you extreme value like this one where the points received a redemption value of 16 cents per point!

And, of course, you can redeem directly for hotel stays. There are plenty of fabulous hotels in the SPG portfolio and these points can go a long way to setting you up for some great trips. One of the trips my family and I used some Starpoints on was for a great family vacation in Florida where we got 5 nights at an incredible hotel for only 40,000 points.

Help Your Fellow Readers!

These card offers are available through public links, but if you would like to help another RwM reader, please consider picking from the list below to help them get 5,000 points as well. I greatly appreciate those of you who used my links to help my SPG account to build up and I would really like to see these readers get some points as well. The readers below left their information in this post. They left what they would do with their points from referrals and their email. Please consider e-mailing one of them for the link!

  • I have the AMEX SPG Business account. I am trying to take my family of 4 to see Machu Picchu. I could really use any referrals please. Have been a devoted reader daily. My email address is
  • I have referral offers for the SPG Personal card. I am currently trying to earn SPG points in order to transfer to Alaska Airlines for an Emirates award to the Middle East! Thank you!
  • I would transfer the points to Alaska to use their partner award chart to take my wife back to see her family in her home country of Thailand. I have the SPG personal. Any referrals would be amazing!
  • I will use SPG points for Hawaii vacation with my wife . I have SPG personal . My email is
  • I have the SPG American Express would transfer my points to American Airlines to redeem them on the new LAX-AKL route in first class. I have wanted to visit New Zealand for a long time. My e-mail address
  • Hi, I’d love to help you get SPG points for unforgettable trips with your loved ones on point redemptions. I’d use the points to book the Walt Disney World Swan to take my mickey-loving toddler twin girls. Email me at and I’ll send referral immediately. Thank you!
  • I’m saving up SPG points to take my boyfriend to the US Open (through SPG Moments). He has a dream of seeing Roger Federer play before he retires, and I’m trying to use points to make that happen! Would greatly appreciate some help reaching that goal! I have referrals for the personal card, and can be reached at: Many thanks!
  • I plan to transfer the SPG points to AA and use them for business card award tickets to Asia(Etihad). I have referrals for both personal and business cards. my email address is
  • I plan to transfer to Alaska Airlines and use the redeem the miles towards Emirates First Class. I have both personal and business card referrals. I can be reached a
  • Hey guys, email is I have the personal referral, would appreciate any referrals. As a bonus, if you have any beer related questions, include them in your email and I’ll answer them. I’m kind of a self made beer expert haha.
  • Heading to Italy and will use SPG for some ST. Regis stays. I have the personal card and my email is
  • Hello! My email is and i have the SPG Personal Card. I am planning a honeymoon in SouthEast Asia and would like to offset the cost by staying at some SPG properties! Thanks!
  • I can refer to either the Personal or the Business version of the card…I am saving up Starpoints to take my daughter on a trip to Asia for her high school graduation. Thanks!
  • I have a referral links for personal, business, and SPG business if you cancelled it more than 12 months ago. Please send your email address to me at so I can send you the referral link. I am a Ph.D. student and this is the only way I can bring my wife to places she deserves!
  • I have referals for 35k spg personal card. Aiming for alaska points for for emirates! Thanks!
  • I have referalls for the personal card. Looking to get more Alaskan miles so I can visit family! Thanks!
  • Hi all, I have referrals for both spg personal and business cards. My wife and I both really enjoy skiing and spg has some great ski hotels including Steamboat Springs, Beaver Creek, Whistler and Tremblant, Quebec, CA.My email address is Thanks! Jason
  • I am actively trying to save points to convert to Alaska Air Miles for an award ticket to the Maldives for our honeymoon (November wedding). I have both the Personal and Business cards so I can send referral link to either one or both. Thank you in advance.
  • I can refer a reader for – SPG Personal Card. Please email me – – and I will send a referral link. I will transfer the points to an airline to go back to one of my favorite cities in the world – Paris. Thanks!
  • I have the personal SPG card & my wife has the business SPG card. We are both interested in referring anyone that would like to get these great offers. We are saving up our SPG points to stays at the Sheraton Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii. We love that Island & this is our favorite place to stay when we can afford a Hawaii trip. If you want the SPG business card – send an e-mail to “tjstratton84 AT” If you want the SPG personal card – send an email to “ecstratton AT” To get a working e-mail address: simply plug in @ where you see “AT” above & remove the spaces .
  • I have referral link for 35K SPG business card. I’m planning to transfer SPF points to airlines miles for flight to Japan. I’d like to take my 7 year old to visit the Pokémon center in Tokyo. Email me at and I will send you a referral link.
  • I can refer anyone to either the business or the personal card, as I have both. I’d love to go back to Hawai’i with the points! Drop me a line and I’ll get back to you right away!
  • I want to take my wife to Key West for our anniversary! She has never been there I have a personal SPG card. Email me at
  • I can refer for personal as well as business SPG card..
  • I have referrals for the SPG Personal 35k offer! My email My fiancé and I are getting married in November 2016 and I want to plan the perfect Honeymoon for us!! Check out our website at (see I’m not just saying that!)
  • I have a Business card referral for 35K. Please e-mail me I would use the points for local trips to Palm Springs and a little further to Hawaii. Thank you!
  • Can send referral link for an SPG Business 35k offer. Trying to get my family of six to Hawaii. Please send me a note and I’ll get a referral link out quickly: Thanks!
  • I have referrals for the SPG Personal 35k offer! My email is I’m trying to plan a trip to take my mother to Europe to see the Eiffel tower for the first time. She worked hard to send me there to study abroad in college so I would love a chance to return the favor after all these years
  • Dear Folks, Please help in getting me just 2 more referrals. That’s all I ask. I just want to travel. Here’s a tip: I highly recommend you to get both the Personal and Business card, make 80,000 SPG points including signup bonus and $10K spend. I can say the best use of these SPG points (other than use within SPG hotels itself) is 1. Transfer to AA to get 100K miles . Club it with CitiGold 50K AA miles offer if you have a Citi AA credit card. 140K miles is enough for a roundtrip business to India/Middle east. 2. Transfer to Japan Airlines Mileagebank for 100K miles. Do a world tour in A380 Emirate Business JFk-MIL-DXB-BKK-DXB-JFK. substitute BKK (bangkok) for MLE (Maldives) or CMB (colombo) or any location in India if yu’d like. If you can get 120K SPG points, this will get you First class in A380 throughout the trip.Please give me your emails and I can give you more tips along with a referral link. Thanks. THANKS !!
  • Happy to refer anyone for the personal card.I am taking my 85 year old Father to Poland (where his parents were born) for the first (and no doubt last) time later this year. He also wants to visit Vienna (and there is a Westin there we hope to stay at).
  • Heres my referral link for the 35,000 point business card offer. Thanks for helping me get closer to taking my mom on her dream vacation!$pe&om_mid=_BW1SHQB9B7l8QM&om_lid=amex11
  • I have referral links for the personal card offer – 35,000 SPG points bonus for spending $3,000 = total of 38,000 SPG points. I’m planning to transfer SPG points to Alaska Airlines for a trip my husband and I hope to take next year for our 25th wedding anniversary.Send your email address to me at Thank you!
  • I have referral link for SPG 35k biz card. I need referral for SPG personal card. Please email me at if you would like to apply for SPG biz with 35k offer.I need extra SPG points so I can put my parents in LH first when they visit me next time.Thanks
  • I have referral links to both the Personal and Business SPG 35K offers. I need the extra SPG points in order to build the perfect 10 year anniversary trip to the Maldives next summer, flying first class on Emirates. Please email me at for links to EITHER the Personal or Business offers. Thanks again
  • My email is connellbrian – at – gmail – dot – com — I have referrals for the personal card. I want to take my wife to Europe in first class with (some) of the points I’ll earn.
  • I would be more than happy to refer anyone for the personal card. I would like to use the points to visit my family back in Europe, this summer – flying economy. I am a PhD student and this is the only way I can afford to travel. Thank you! LukeUSDreamer at


It is always nice to give back – and I have been fortunate to have received referral points from some of you! Now, it would be good to steer those last minute applications to one of the people on the list here! Either way, enjoy your 35,000 points.

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