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Special Hertz Elite Status For United Elites And (Some) Cardholders

Written by Charlie

A while back, cardholders of the Chase Presidential Plus card (and continued with the United Club card which replaced it) received Avis President’s Club status as one of the perks. The President’s Club was a status that was only comped to certain business partners and Presidential Plus cardholders. It gave quite a few unique benefits including 2 car class upgrade, guaranteed rental availability, and priority access at the counter and garage.

Even cardholders that downgraded their United premium card still retained that special President’s Club status until they downgraded that status for all to Avis First. It was a significant downgrade in benefits. Now, United is making a change and switching from their partnership with Avis to Hertz.

Hertz and United Partner With Bonus Miles

Starting November 1, Hertz rentals made by United members will receive bonus miles in a tiered format (by United card and status). It will range from 500 miles per rental (for basic United members) to 1,250 miles per rental (for United Platinum and 1K. Rentals made through Thrifty and Dollar will receive 50 miles per day on rentals up to 4 days and 500 miles per rental on rentals of 5 days or longer.

United and Hertz

United members will receive bonus miles when renting with Hertz

Complimentary Hertz Elite Status

Beginning in January of 2015, United Platinum, 1K, and GS members will receive complimentary Hertz President’s Circle status. That will also be given to all United Club or Presidential Plus cardholders. For United Silver and Gold members, they will receive Hertz Five Star status.

Hertz President’s Circle status is earned by by making 20 qualifying rentals within in a 12 month period with the Five Star status being earned by making 7 qualifying rentals in a 12 month period. Both of those statuses will be provided complimentary to the elite members as mentioned above.

The biggest perk President’s Circle status is the class upgrade on car rentals, but it is only a one-class upgrade. Avis used to give a two-class upgrade with the old partnership, so it is disappointing to not see that matched.

While I still prefer renting from National for car choice and selection, it is a great perk to now have elite status with another car rental company for when the price is right. Eligible customers will be able to receive the status in January of next year. The good part is that if they allow the registration to occur early in the month, United elite members who will drop a status level should still be able to get the Hertz status according to this year’s status.

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  • Does this mean you have to change your points earning preference to United points…OR, is this an additional perk on top of the Hertz points we already earn?

  • I see this as Hertz using their loyalty program as a marketing tool… Don’t get your expectations up too much.