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Southwest Giving A-List Status & Easy Way To Extend It [Targeted]

A-List status
Written by Charlie

Southwest is giving A-List status to a group of targeted individuals. Find out how to see if you were targeted and how you can extend it through the end of the year.

Southwest’s elite status is called A-List status. For a group of targeted individuals, Southwest is giving away A-List status for a short period with an easy way to retain it through the end of the year.

Southwest Giving A-List Status & Easy Way To Extend It [Targeted]

Southwest A-List Status & Benefits


Southwest has an elite program that does not get the same attention as the other US airlines, primarily because there are no upgrades with Southwest. The elite status is in two tiers – A-List and A-List Preferred. A-List itself normally requires that you fly 25 qualifying one way flights or earn 35,000 tier qualifying points in a calendar year.

Once you do that, you receive several benefits:

  • Priority boarding (so you do not have to pay for the early check-in or try to do it exactly at 24 hours before departure to get a decent position for boarding)
  • 25% earning bonus on your flights
  • Standby priority for those times when you find yourself standing by for a flight
  • Priority check-in and security lane access (similar to what elite status in other programs gives to its members)
  • Dedicated A-List phone number

Granted, much of that is not a lot to get excited about but if you fly Southwest even a bit, they could add up to some time-saving benefits for sure.

Targeted Offer For Southwest A-List Status

Southwest has sent out targeted promos before but someone in my family just received one today so I wanted to bring it to your attention in case you may also have been targeted.

The offer is this:

We’re giving you A-List status through May 25. Fly 2 roundtrips to extend it.

To extend your A-List status through December 31, 2016, register, book, and complete 2 revenue roundtrip flights (or 4 revenue one-way flights), or earn 5,850 Tier Qualifying Points, between March 21 and May 25, 2016.

That is a pretty generous offer. It gives you the chance to try it out for a couple of months and then easily extend it by purchasing and flying 2 roundtrip flights (or 4 one ways) to extend it through December 31, 2016. That is allowing the targeted individuals to earn A-List status flying quite a bit less than is normally required (21 fewer one way flights) but it requires you to do the 4 one ways in 2 months time. Not that difficult and it could be done quite cheaply, depending on the Southwest city you live in.

Getting The Offer

It is strange but the member of my family that received it has not flown at all in the last couple of years. In fact, the last time this person flew Southwest was the same time that the other members of my family flew Southwest and they did not get the offer. So, it is certainly a random offering without any reason that I can figure.

The e-mail (in you case you want to search and see if you were targeted) has the subject line of “We’re giving you A-List status.” As I said, it is targeted, but if you want to see if you were targeted, go to this registration link and enter your information. If you were not targeted, it will not let you register.

Southwest A-List Promo Link

If you were targeted, make sure you register for the offer!

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