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Sale: Southwest Can Fly You AND Your Bags for Less Than Other Airlines Charge Just for Your Bags!

Written by Charlie

Southwest is a favorite of many travelers for many reasons. They have a great companion program, flexible and fee-free cancellation and change options, and, of course, free bags! Thanks to their bags fly free, you can actually buy a ticket with Southwest for less than what other airlines would charge you for the bags!

I am a huge fan of Southwest for a variety of reasons that include things like free cancellations and changes, frequent sales to take advantage of opportunities to rebook at cheaper prices, the ability to bring someone along for free with the Companion Pass, and much more!

As other airlines charge more for checked bags, one huge part of Southwest is becoming even better – the fact that your bags always fly free!

Southwest Can Fly You AND Your Bags for Less Than Other Airlines Charge Just For Your Bags!

Link: Southwest’s Mega Sale is Going On Now!

It is true – you can actually fly Southwest and check 2 bags (should you want to) for less than other airlines would charge you just for those bags, especially

Let’s take a little look. All of the major US airlines (except Alaska) have increased their checked bag fees on domestic flights. That means that your first bag will cost you $30 and your second bag will cost you $40. For a simple one-way trip, if you wanted to check 2 bags, you would pay an extra $70 over and above the actual cost of your ticket! 

baggage fees

Not their ad yet – but should be soon!

Of course, there are ways you can avoid those checked bag fees. But, the point that is fun to highlight is that these airlines can cost you so much more for just your bags than Southwest charges for you and your bags!

Right now, Southwest has their twice-a-year sale going on that has sale prices starting at just $49. The price goes up based on distance but it is still a really good sale. That $49 gives you your seat on the plane (and, if you check-in early enough, it could be an aisle or window of your choice when you board) and the ability to bring 2 checked bags, as well as your carryon and personal item onboard the plane.

A popular destination where people check 2 bags is someplace like Ft Lauderdale when people go on cruises. For an example, there is a day in November that has flights from Pittsburgh to Ft. Lauderdale on Southwest for just $65! JetBlue would charge you $169 for a similar non-stop – but then would charge you an extra $70 for your 2 bags as well!

southwest checked bags

The price from Southwest from Pittsburgh to Ft. Lauderdale – with 2 checked bags!

southwest checked bags

JetBlue’s price for that same route – but without any bags! Checking two bags will cost you an extra $70!

This is just one example and, of course, many of us do not travel with 2 checked bags on flights. But, if you are someone that does, make sure you give Southwest a good, first look. Even if they may price out on your trip for more than other airlines, once you factor in the checked bag fees you may find that Southwest beats everyone, every time.

Featured image courtesy of Southwest and shot by Stephen M. Keller

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