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Sorting The Marriott Credit Cards – Which Is Best?

Written by Charlie

When it comes to hotel credit cards, there seems to be no real rhyme or reason for the kind of offers that are presented. In some cases, it is pretty straightforward – the Hyatt card offers 2 free nights after meeting the minimum spending (though there is an offer when checkout reservations that will get you a $50 statement credit as well). That is just simple and plain.

But, then we have cards with the Marriott chain. Would you believe that there are four separate offers for the same card?! Not only that, but then there are separate offers on the business card as well! That can get confusing for sure! So, in this post we will show which offers are available and which ones may be the best to apply for.

Sorting the Marriott Credit Cards

Disclaimer: I do NOT receive commission for any of these cards.

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All of the personal Marriott cards have similar benefits – a free night at a category 1 – 4 as soon as the account is approved (in addition to the points from the bonus offer) and an annual free night at a category 1 – 5. The annual fee on all of them is at $85.

The cards also come with 15 elite night credits. That is enough to give you Silver status within the Marriott program.

Marriott Premier Rewards Card – 50,000 Points

Marriott Premier Rewards Card 50,000 Points Application Link after spending $1,000 in 90 days


Marriott cardThis is one that is most visible (seen on Chase’s homepage) and the one that should absolutely be avoided. It is the worst offer of the bunch (at this time) based on the available offers. Now, it is not a bad offer, but it is not one that you should apply for when there are better ones.

If you go straight to the Chase website to pick out your card, this is the one you will be applying for. Pass on this one!

Marriott Premier Rewards Card – 70,000 Points

Marriott Premier Rewards Card 70,000 Points Application Link – after spending $2,000 in 90 days

Marriott card

This offer is the best offer currently available, as far as points go. It can be found inside of Marriott elite accounts and available to Marriott elite members. But, there is yet another link available for “Marriott Reward Members.” It does not specify that you must be elite and does not require you to sign-in to your Marriott account. To be on the safe side, you can sign-up for an account before applying.

Marriott Premier Rewards Card – 40,000 Points + $100 Statement Credit

Marriott card

Marriott Premier Rewards Card 40,000 Points/$100 Credit Application Link – after spending $2,000 in 90 days

This is an interesting one and an offer that can mix it up a little bit. If you were going to apply for the 70,000 point offer, you would be forgoing 30,000 points for the $100 statement credit. There is no question that you could redeem the 30,000 points for a room that costs more than $100, yet if you do not need a lot of Marriott points at this time, the $100 could be more valuable.

This offer can be found when you are in the process of booking a hotel room (you do not actually have to book a hotel room to see the offer)

A plus about this offer is that you will receive the $100 statement credit after your first purchase.

Marriott Premier Rewards Card – 40,000 Points + $150 Statement Credit

marriott card

Marriott Premier Rewards Card 40,000 Points/$150 Credit Application Link – after spending $2,000 in 90 days

This offer is for elite members (even though the offer page does not say anything about this). When you click to apply, it will require you to login to access the offer. Even though I am a Gold elite member, I was not targeted with this offer and instead got the 70,000 point offer.

The $150 statement credit on this is also issued after your first purchase.

Marriott Business Cards

Marriott has two business card offers with both of them offering a free night at a category 1-4 after account approval and the waiving of the annual fee for the first year ($99). They also offer a free night each year at a category 1-5.

Marriott Rewards Premier Business Card – 70,000 Points

marriott card

– Marriott Rewards Premier Business Card 70,000 Points Application Link – after spending $2,000 in 90 days

This is the best business card offer as it offers the full 70,000 points. It does require $2,000 in spending instead of the $1,000 of the lesser offer, but it is still a better overall offer. This offer is available in your Marriott account and on the Chase website directly.

Marriott Rewards Premier Business Card – 50,000 Points

marriott card

– Marriott Rewards Premier Business Card 50,000 Points Application Link – after spending $1,000 in 90 days

I am not quite sure where this offer is located normally, but it is obviously not the best deal. Go for the 70,000 point offer!


As with all Chase cards, you can get a personal and a business on the same day. You will need to wait/call in on one of them but you can be approved for both.

For all of these cards, you will be able to get them again as long as it has been 24 months since you received the bonus on the same card and you do not currently have it open (that applies to both the business card and personal as they are separate products). The terms do say that you will not receive the free night upon account approval if you have already had the card, but that may not be the case.

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  • I may have missed it, but if I already have a personal Marriott card, can I sign up for a business card and COMBINE POINTS in one account?

  • @Paul, yes. When you sign up, you can give Chase your existing MR #, and the points from both cards will funnel into the same account.

    @Charles, you buried the lead: that all of those cards come with an immediate free night, as well as points after meeting the minimum spending.

  • Can I apply and be approved for the personal and business cards at the same time (a few minutes apart?)

    • You sure can apply for both like and can be approved, but the system does kick out applications if it feels it is a duplicate/similar. Sometimes they will go through, othertimes you will get a pending/decline and need to call it in. No big deal though to call and, if everything is in order, you should have no problem getting approved on both.

  • thank for the 70K personal link. i have been looking for this for sometime but couldn’t until now.
    do you know when the 70k offer expires? i just got my ihg cc. i think i need to wait a few months before applying for this.

  • I recently got another Marriott 70k personal, prior was more than 24 months and closed 3 months prior. Got the free night immediately, a day or two after approval. Others have reported not getting it.