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Sneak Peek at the Turkish Airlines 2020 Super Bowl Ad – With a Space Travel Theme

Written by Charlie

Here is a sneak peek at the Turkish Airlines 2020 Super Bowl ad. This year, they are going with something of a space travel theme – check it out!

Each year, around 100 million people watch the biggest US sporting event of the year – the Super Bowl. However, not all of them watch the Super Bowl because they like football. Many viewers watch it for the dozens of commercials as production companies pull out all the stops to try and create memorable advertisements for their clients.

Sneak Peek at the Turkish Airlines 2020 Super Bowl Ad

What Super Bowl Ads Cost

These companies will try and do battle to convince you to drink Pepsi instead of Coca Cola or that Doritos are the best chip around. This battle does not come cheap as 30 second commercial spots this year run over $5 million with the most expensive spots costing $5.6 million!

Airlines do not typically advertise during the Super Bowl and that is not that big of a surprise given the cost of the commercial and the cost of the product. It is a hard sell to try and lure a customer to use your airline when a competing airline may offer a more direct route or a cheaper price. Prices fluctuate for airfare all the time and US airlines really don’t have a lot to differentiate from each other (with the exception of Southwest). But, I guess you may be able to say the same about soft drinks also!

Turkish Airlines Is Back Again for the Super Bowl

Turkish Airlines has been a consistent exception to that as they have run commercials during the Super Bowl for at least the last 5 years. While it may seem strange that a European airline is running ads during the US football Super Bowl, Turkish Airlines is no stranger to big time commercials and advertising.

They have even had the late Kobe Bryant as one of their endorsers in the past as well as many other great athletes. They have also capitalized on blockbuster movies with major sponsorships and even using things like the Lego movie for their safety video. Recognizable people Morgan Freeman and Dr. Oz have also been used for commercials for Turkish Airlines.

While some advertisers have already released their Super Bowl ads, Turkish Airlines chose to just release a “teaser” that is 20 seconds long and promising more during the Super Bowl. Almost 4 million people have already watched this sneak peek and there will certainly be even more that catch it during the Super Bowl! It is interesting that they chose to go with a space travel theme – curious to see where this goes!

Turkish Airlines has more country destinations than any other airline and they fly to 6 continents. With a major hub right smack dab in the center of Europe and Asia as well as being centrally located in the world, they are very popular. I actually really do like flying them – whether it is in coach or business class – and I have done so dozens of times over the years (their awesome new lounge is really great also!).

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