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One More Way United Credit Cards Can Help You Earn More Miles

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Written by Charlie

If you like to shop online and earn bonus miles when you do that, here is one more way that a United MileagePlus credit card could help you to earn even more! These cards have a bunch of little benefits that you may not know about so here is one more to consider!

If you are a fan of United miles (and if you don’t like fuel surcharges for Star Alliance premium class travel, you should be a fan!), you may already have a United Airlines credit card. These cards can give things like $100 Global Entry reimbursement, free lounge passes, expanded award space, and even lounge membership (different benefits, depending on the card(s) you have).

Earn More Miles Shopping Online With a United MileagePlus Credit Card

If you like to shop online through shopping portals, having a United MileagePlus credit card can actually help you out there as well! Unlike the other airline portals that offer the same amount of miles no matter what kind of customer you are, United’s portal actually gives credit card holders a little bit more – just for being a member.

Earn More Miles Shopping Through the United Portal If You Have a United MileagePlus Card!
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Earn extra United miles when you have a United credit card

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With some big offers, you will find that the offer is the same for cardmembers and non-cardmembers alike. But, with most of the everyday offers, you will earn more miles for having a United MileagePlus card than if you don’t.

To make this work, you need to have the United MileagePlus Business card, the United Club card (business or personal) or the United Explorer card. There is a no-fee United card but I am not sure if that triggers the extra miles on shopping or not.

It is not available with every retailer and all the time but if you are doing a lot of online shopping, those extra miles could be a big help (not to mention that the United shopping portal typically pays out those miles very fast!).

Could Be that Extra Push to Get a Card!

If you are already a cardmember, you actually don’t need to do anything as you are already earning the extra miles when you start your shopping through the United MileagePlus Shopping Portal. If you aren’t a cardholder yet, just keep this extra earning potential in mind the next time you are considering the card.

The extra miles are definitely not enough for 99% of customers to get the card just for that but those extra miles could just be that extra push you need to get the card (especially as we enter the Christmas shopping season soon!).

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