September 11 – Perspective on the 17th Anniversary of that Horrible Day

Written by Charlie

This September 11 marks the 17th anniversary of that horrible attack that changed so many lives forever. Here are a few thoughts and perspective on this anniversary of what it means for many.

September 11 – Perspective on the 17th Anniversary of that Horrible Day

September 11, 2001. All of us remember where we were on that day and what was happening when the news first reached us about the first plane that crashed into the World Trade Center tower. It was one of those days that created so many feelings as we went from confusion to anxiety to fear to anger to sorrow – feelings that lasted in many of us for quite a while and in others for quite a bit longer.

I cannot believe it has been 17 years since that awful Tuesday. I had two acquaintances that died in the towers that day and I know that many of you know others who died as well. It was certainly a day that changed everything in many ways forever.

17 Years…

But, as we reach 17 years, that is also somewhat of a notable anniversary. It is this year that young people may be starting their final year of school – people who were yet unborn when their fathers were killed that day. It is this year that people would, with parental consent, be able to first join the military and potentially be sent to fight enemies that we first faced on this day 17 years ago. That is an amazing thing – people could be soon fighting as a result of something that happened before they were even born.

Seventeen years is a long time but we should never let time bury the memory of those that died in those terror attacks or the people who gave their lives to rescue people caught. We should also remember that many people are suffering illnesses today that stemmed from the debris that they worked in to help save people.


Probably the greatest reminder of that day for many of us is when we go to the airport and we stand in the lines for security to have all of our things searched – including things like powder and snack foods. It is very easy to become frustrated with the process (and the process still has a ton of room for improvement) but in those moments when we become particularly angry about how it is operated, it could be a good time to think about the families who had their lives changed permanently with the loss of a loved one. For them, the results of that day are with them each and every day, not just when they go through the security portal of an airport.

Thank You…

I am thankful to all the heroes who worked so hard to save as many as they could that day and the days that followed and for our military who went to bring the fight to those terrorists who killed so many of our citizens. I am thankful for all of their families for their sacrifices made as their loved ones served their nation. I am thankful for the groups and people who stayed by the sides of the families that lost members in that attack. For all of you, my prayers are with you today and every time I go into an airport as we see the changes that came as a result of that attack.

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