Save 50% on Any Iphone when Switching to Sprint

Save 50% on Any Iphone when Switching to Sprint
Written by Dustin

A new coupon on Target’s Cartwheel App can save you 50% on a new Iphone when you switch to Sprint from T-mobile.

If you don’t have the Target Cartwheel App, you should download it. First, it unlocks a ton of great discounts. Secondly, they have coupons in the app that you may not see in store. Today, I saw a coupon for 50% off any Iphone when you switch to Sprint! But, is it worth it?

Save 50% on Any Iphone when Switching to Sprint

The Deal:

Save 50% on Any Iphone when Switching to Sprint

You can receive 50% off ANY Iphone when you switch to Sprint from T-Mobile. Unfortunately, if you don’t have T-Mobile, you won’t have access to this deal. If you were inclined, you could ask about receiving the deal if you were to switch from another provider, but I wouldn’t count on it.

In order to receive the 50% discount, you also need to consider:

  • Valid in Target Store only
  • Requires credit approval
  • Purchasing a wireless plan
  • Purchasing a device- I’d assume you would purchase the newest Iphone 7/7 Plus, but the SE is a popular phone as well
  • Port your phone number to Sprint
  • Pay for your phone in installments over 24 months
  • 0% APR
  • Sales tax may be due at time if purchase
  • Number of devices account may be restricted
  • Offer may not be combined with other credits or discounts
  • Price match not valid on mobile phones
  • Coupon expires 2/25/17

Most of the list seems pretty standard with cell phone carriers. If you have T-Mobile and have considered switching carriers, this could be worth it. Where I live, Sprint would be pretty useless to me, so I have no interest here.

Making Deal Better?

Currently, Sprint is running a promotion where you can earn up to 25,000 American Airline miles when you switch to Sprint;

Link to Page: American Airlines, Sprint Promo

You need to enter your phone number and your American Airline number to pre-register for this promotion.

You can’t be an existing customer to receive this promotion.

There is no mention that you can’t stack these promotions together. The offer from Target says not valid with other credits or discounts, but this is a different promotion. So, I believe you could use both deals here.

Is it Worth it?

I personally wouldn’t change my cell phone carrier for 25,000 AA miles, but it could be right for you! If you were considering switching to Sprint anyways, this is a nice little bonus. Not to mention you would have a brand new Iphone for 50% off.

Right now, Target has their Iphone 32gb listed at $750, so you would be paying only $375, which would be about $15.63 per month.

You should evaluate your area to see if Sprint offers solid coverage in your location as well. No amount of points or new phone will make up for bad service!


If you have thought about leaving T-Mobile for another carrier and live in an area where Sprint is reliable, then you might want to consider this. Not only would you save 50% on a new Iphone, you’d have enough for a round trip domestic coach saver award ticket.

You would definitely want to register for the American Airline Promotion before porting your number over to Sprint.

If you weren’t looking to change providers in the first place, or Sprint isn’t a reliable option, then I would definitely pass on this deal.

Have you considered trying Sprint?

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