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Save 20% On TripIt Pro Subscription – An Amazing Service To Keep Track Of Your Travel Plans

Written by Charlie

Here is a code to save 20% on the amazing TripIt Pro subscription service. If you travel much, this is a great way to keep track of it all, save money on already booked Southwest flights and more!

I have written several times before (and given away) TripIt Pro and what an awesome service it is. It has helped me keep track of some of my most complicated itineraries and to keep me up-to-date with any changes that occur. It has also helped me to save money when the prices changed on Southwest flights.

Save 20% On TripIt Pro Subscription

TripIt Pro


Link: TripIt Pro Discount Page

TripIt is free for anyone to use, but the Pro part of it really opens up the power of the service (see the TripIt Pro review here). It used to come with the Barclaycard Arrival Plus but it is no longer a part of their list of benefits.

The subscription-based Pro costs $49 per year. I have held the Pro version for many years now as it always pays for itself with how it has helped me time and again. I personally view it as worth $49 for what it provides me.

But, you may not want to spend that much or maybe you used to have it with your Barclaycard Arrival Plus but did not pay for it after your subscription went out. This 20% discount might help you sign-up again.

Discount Code

TripIt ProHead over to this page to signup (our exclusive promo code is already applied to save you 20% for your first year). This means you will only pay $39 for your first year.

LoungeBuddy Partnership & Credit

TripIt Pro

To make it even better, TripIt and LoungeBuddy recently formed a partnership and, as part of that partnership, you can get a $25 credit towards your first purchased lounge pass through LoungeBuddy. This is a great benefit that should give you some good value as well, thereby decreasing the overall amount you are actually paying for TripIt Pro.


I love apps and services that help make things easier for me, especially travel. TripIt Pro is one of those services that just works and I enjoy using. Is it perfect? No, there certainly are some things that could be better.

One of the things that I have talked with them about that annoys me the most is that it does not take cancellation e-mails and then either delete the reservation out of my account or ask me for confirmation (rather it adds it to my trips as yet another trip!). They have said that is something they are working on so hopefully it gets changed at some point.

Saving money is always good. This is a nice way to save $10 on a Pro membership for TripIt.

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