Saturday Deals: 10% Off eBay Gift Cards, 50% Off Oakley Sunglasses, and Chromebook with 2 Years of 1TB Google Drive/GoGo Passes

Saturday deals
Written by Charlie

In the midst of the Thanksgiving weekend, we have a big Saturday – Small Business Saturday! Hopefully, you all have reaped quite a few values from that so far today (if you haven’t, Amex has reopened the enrollment and you can still sign up today).

Some of the other deals available today are pretty decent.

Saturday deals

eBay Gift Card – 10% Off

The first one is for 10% off eBay gift cards. This is great because it can be treated as 10% off anything eBay sells when you redeem them. The sale is for $50 eBay cards and you only pay $45 for them. So, the initial increment is small, but you can purchase more than one. Also, they do not expire, so buy away! – eBay Gift Card Link

Saturday Deal

Oakley Sunglasses – 50% Off

I am a big Oakley fan. I started running with the Oakley Half Jacket (which this sale has a newer version of) until they were stolen. After that, I moved to the Flak Jacket (which I currently have) and really love them. I have also used the Fast Jacket which are pretty awesome as well (in fact, watch for a chance to win a pair of Oakley Fast Jacket sunglasses during the mega-giveaway coming soon!).

This sale is available in men’s and women’s sunglasses. There are many more options available for women, but there are still some pretty good deals for men. Here is the link for the men’s sale and the link for the women’s sale.

Saturday Deal

Chromebook with 2 Years of 1TB Google Storage and 12 GoGo Passes – $149

Many people might be turned off by Google Chromebooks and their simplicity (which can be an advantage to many), but if you pay for cloud storage, this deal might be too good to turn down. From now through the end of the year, any Chromebook purchase will come with 2 years worth of 1TB Google Drive storage. That storage normally costs $9.99 per month, so you are getting a $240 value right off the bat with that. Plus, you will also have 12 GoGo passes built-in to the device to allow you to have free in-flight WiFi (hint: look for a bunch of these passes during the mega-giveaway as well!). You get all of that, plus a computing device, for only $149 (from Best Buy). That is a real steal of a deal! I have a Chromebook and though it does not get a lot of use, I love it for its simplicity and straightforwardness. I can logon and get stuff done quickly and normally without any distraction. – Best Buy Chromebook Link

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