Sam’s Club Amex Offer Update And Great Purchases To Make

Written by Charlie

Last week, Sam’s Club and American Express teamed up to provide a great Amex Offer – $20 back on $20 or more at The problem was that the coding on most of the online purchases were not coded the right way for the statement credit. Here is an update and where to go from here to get some great purchases!

Sam’s Club Amex Offer Update

Amex Offer

Many bloggers have written about updates with the Sam’s Club Amex Offer. I wanted to wait for a couple of mine to go through and post before I wrote an update and now I have some answers on that.

Gift Card Purchases – Success?

$20 back on $20

No statement credit on gift cards?

I purchased two gift cards from Sam’s Club – one was a physical Sam’s Club gift card for $20 and an iTunes gift card. Both appeared online as Sam’s Club Photo purchases. That was just during the pending phase. Both charges eventually fell off.

The Sam’s Club gift card never came back. It disappeared and never posted as a charge. On the other hand, the iTunes gift card posted as a charge and posted correctly as a Sam’s Club order.


For some reason, people are not receiving the e-mails congratulating them for using the Amex Offer (as is normally the case). However, my credit just posted and, if you are curious to find yours, you can look for it in the savings on each card.

Amex Offer

Check your savings on Amex Offers to see if your Sam’s Club credit has worked

What To Buy?

Amex Offer

Southwest gift cards are a great option for this Amex Offer

Obviously, gift cards are going to be the area of focus for this deal. Any gift card will work. You can buy Sam’s Club gift cards as they are good at Walmart or Sam’s Club. You can also buy prepaid gift cards for use anywhere.

My personal favorites are any gift cards that show a discount. Sam’s Club has several of these so these would be a great place to focus.

  • iTunes $50 gift card – costs $42
  • PF Chang’s $100 Multipack – costs $79
  • Cold Stone Creamery $50 Multipack – $39
  • Southwest $100 Gift Card – $96

The Southwest card is a great option as, after the Amex Offer, you will essentially be getting a 23% discount on your Southwest tickets!


So, you should be good to go to buy what you want from Sam’s Club online! I am not sure why the Sam’s Club gift card has not posted yet but that has nothing to do with this Amex Offer as it just didn’t go through for some reason.

What is on your purchase list? 

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