The Richest Half Marathon in the World is Happening Today – $100,000 for the Winners!

Written by Charlie

In a short while, the richest half marathon in the world will be run with several of the fastest runnners in the world vying for the big $100K first place prize! Follow along and watch this race!

When it comes to professional athletes and what they are paid, marathoners and half marathoners are not at the top of the earnings list. Sure, they get appearance fees at some races (depending on how they have performed at other races) and they have sponsors (not all of them) but the prize money is the big prize.

The Richest Half Marathon in the World is Happening Today – $100,000 for the Winners!

The richest marathon in the world is now the Boston Marathon (previously, the Dubai Marathon had that crown) and the richest half marathon in the world will be taking place in just a few hours. The grand prize is $100,000 for both the male and female categories! That race is happening on the island nation of Bahrain. With this being the inaugural Bahrain Night Half Marathon, I hope that this will be an event that gets some fast times for years to come!

Thanks to such a rich prize (even 2nd place gets a nice 25K), there are some very fast runners that will be participating there today. According to Let’s Run, there are 12 male runners with a personal best at the 13.1 mile distance under 60 minutes. For the female side, there are 4 runners under the 66 minute mark.

Watch it at 1PM EDT Today!

Those are some fast times and this race will be a fun one to watch! It will start at 1PM EDT today and you can watch it here. Oh, and if a world record is broken (58:18 for men and 64:51 for women), there will be a nice $30,000 bonus!

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