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Review: Sbode Bluetooth Headphones

Written by Dustin

A couple of weeks ago, I was sent headphones to use and review. Here is what I thought of the Sbode Headphones.

A couple of weeks ago, I received a message if I would be willing to talk about Sbode Bluetooth Headphones. I hadn’t heard of them and couldn’t give an honest review of them without using them. After a few weeks of using them, I felt comfortable writing a review on the Sbode Bluetooth Headphones.

Review: Sbode Bluetooth Headphones

As I do with personal referral links I put in my articles, I like to be completely transparent. I was sent these headphones by the company to review. I did make it clear I would give an honest review of these headphones.


The carry case for the Sbode Headphones

I’ve had a few request for product reviews and I always tell the company I will review the product, but I will give an honest review.

I don’t want to say something is good, when it isn’t. The company needs to have confidence in their product, if they can’t agree to my terms, then they aren’t that confident.

You all deserve an honest review on anything I write about.

Link to Product: Sbode Bluetooth Headphones


Currently, the Sbode Bluetooth Headphones are $21.99 on Amazon, which is the link above.

The company is throwing in a special promo code to bring the cost to $15.99. This coupon code is valid (on Amazon) until April 11th. If you decide to buy a pair, make sure to use this code to save yourself some extra money.

The Promo Code is: VZ3SGJ3C


Box Sbode Headphones arrived in

The highest I have seen is about $75 on Newegg, but that just seems ridiculous pricing as many other sites have them for a fraction of the cost.

I think the price point is actually perfect at $20, because the price is low enough to make you consider them and there are plenty of solid reviews on Amazon.

There are so many headphones on the market and you don’t want to overspend. Nor do you want to waste your money on cheaper headphones if they aren’t good quality, right?


When I opened the Sbode Headphones there were:

  • 3 different sets of ear pieces, so you could adjust for your ears
  • Wire tie to keep the back of wire behind your neck together.
  • Charging cable
  • The Sbode Headphones

I found the wire tie to be ok, the cable would continually pop out of the tie. The cables didn’t bounce too much, so not having the cord in the wire tie wasn’t an issue. I would say you don’t need to use the wire tie, but that is just my opinion.

Battery Life:

The Sbode Bluetooth Headphones are listed to have an 8 hour batter life on a single charge.

I timed my use of the headphones (multiple times) and as advertised they last 8 hours per charge without issue.

In the instructions, when you recharge the headphones, it should take 2 hours to complete recharge. The company also makes it clear not to charge these overnight. Doing this could reduce overall battery life.


USB port to charge headphones

A quirk I noticed around the 8 hour mark, my phone showed I still had about 30% battery life on my headphones. At this point, the headphones would power off. I was able to turn them back on, but within a couple of minutes they turned off and would not turn back on.

This was consistent across my use with these headphones. The headphones lasted 8 hours, which were advertised, but I found it annoying the headphones would power off when the Bluetooth on my phone said 30%.

Maybe this was an problem with my Pixel 2, but in the big picture they lasted 8 hours on a single charge.

Call Quality:

I have had a few bluetooth headphones where the call quality is poor. The person can’t hear you, your voice is muffled, or you sound like you’re a mile away from your phone, and you’re forced to take them off.

I made and took quite a few calls wearing these headphones and there was no issue what so ever. The call quality was really solid.

The person could hear me on the other end of the phone and I didn’t need to yell or repeat myself. I could hear them clearly.


The headphones are extremely light and when you are wearing them you don’t even know they are on.

The silicone that wraps around your ears is extremely comfortable.


The earpieces are comfortable

While wearing the Sbode headphones, the ear pieces were very comfortable. While running the headphones stayed in place.


The silicone ear pieces are flexible and keep headphones in place

You can see from my picture with the headphones, the ear pieces wrap around my ears very nicely.


The Sbode headphones have a multi-function button which will pair your device, pause songs, answer/hang up phone calls, etc. This is the button that makes everything happen.


You can see the multi-function button on the left

I found this button to be very easy to use and the placement was perfect.

There was no need to push the button hard, the multi-function button was actually quite sensitive. I didn’t find it overly sensitive to where the button would respond to a slight touch.

Volume Button:

These little buttons were placed above the multi-function button. I found these to be poorly placed. Anytime I was running, I found it difficult to press these buttons.

I think a better placement would be have the volume/skip buttons on the other headphone and not above the multi-function button.


Tiny little buttons!

There is plenty of space on the left ear piece to have the volume button.

This wasn’t an issue if I wasn’t running. Since I do run with these, it would be great if I wasn’t jamming my finger into my ear every time I wanted to adjust the volume or skip a song.

This is definitely something that could be improved upon.

Sound Quality:

This is definitely the key component of any headphone. There were some positives and negatives when it came to sound quality. Mostly good, but definitely not perfect.

Noise Cancelling:

I am not exactly sure I would call these headphone noise cancelling.

Anything can be cancelled out if you turn the volume high enough. At lower volumes, you could definitely hear outside noise.

While running on my treadmill, I could still hear what was going on around me. This reduced as I turned the volume up but that had it’s own intermittent problems.

When I ran outside, you could still hear what was going on around you. Although the noise around me was very dull, I could still hear other noises.

I would call these more of noise reduction, since it did reduce noises, but definitely not noise cancelling.


This is one area I would call inconsistent. There were quite a few times when the sound become distorted when the bass would increase during a song.

I found the sound quality to mostly be fantastic and the bass issue was inconsistent. There were some songs with heavy bass that would be fine and others I would have to skip because the sound became very distorted.

The issues with the bass were annoying and you couldn’t predict when the headphones were going to have an issue. You would need to skip to the next song to stop the headphones from distorting the sound. If you were running, that meant jamming your finger in your ear to use those tiny buttons.

Google Assistant:

While the packaging shows voice assistant of Siri, this does work with Google Assistant. In order to activate this feature, you would need to hold the multi function (also the power button) down for two seconds.

Every time you wanted to disconnect and turn off the headphones, you would activate the voice assistant. More of an inconvenience when you wanted to turn off the headphones. Since Google would activate before powering off.

Using Google Assistant with the Sbode headphones was very easy. There weren’t any issues when I asked my Google Assistant to perform any task, through the headphones.

Waterproof Rating:

The Sbode headphones have an IXP7 rating for waterproofing. To be completely honest, I had no idea what that even meant.

Thankfully my good buddy Google told me.

IXP7 rating means you can drop this device in up to 1 meter of water for 30 minutes and they should function just fine.

While I didn’t submerge these headphones in a meter of water, I did drop them in the snow as I was leaving my car. They were completely covered in the snow and after drying them off, I immediately used them.

I had absolutely no issues with these headphone when they were covered in sweat or dropped in a foot of snow.


I think these headphones are well worth the $15.99 you’ll pay for them. While they aren’t perfect, they have a lot to offer for such a small price.

In a market where headphones can be very expensive, I think Sbode has a solid product at a very affordable price.

Are you in the market for new headphones?

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