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It Pays to Check Your Amex Account for New Offers – Even Days Later

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Written by Charlie

It can pay to check your Amex account regularly for previously targeted Amex Offers! These have ways of rolling out to more people and you could earn some money or points from them!

One of the top things that pays for my Amex cards and their annual fees would be Amex Offers. These can be incredibly lucrative offers for shopping and travel that can give you money back or even Membership Reward points. If you have followed the blog much at all, you know I am a big fan of these – especially when stacking the Amex Offers with other deals and promotions!

It Pays to Check Your Amex Account for New Offers – Even Days Later

However, some of the best Amex Offers tend to be pretty targeted (though that is not always a bad thing!). When that happens and posts are written (especially about great ones like yesterday’s Amazon one), people typically check their accounts right away and then leave frustrated when they see they weren’t targeted. 🙂

Targeted Amex Offers Have a Way of Being Phased In

But, that doesn’t mean it is all done for you! For whatever reason, Amex chooses to roll some Amex Offers out to more and more individuals over time. In the past, it was simple to see when an Offer was first promoted because you could check from the Amex app to see the original date of the offer – even if that is not when you received it.

Original Amex Offer Date Not Always Only Time It Would Appear

Now, Amex has done away with that feature of the app so it is a little more difficult. Instead, for hotel offers, you can tell from the stay dates. The Amex Offer I wrote about this morning (JW Marriott) came out on March 30 but I just received it in my accounts today (April 4).

This is far from unusual. There are many times that I will receive targeted offers, especially hotel offers, later on during their promo phase. By checking every couple of days through your Amex Offers on your various cards, you may find such an offer and you will be able to add it for use later. Taking just a moment or two every couple of days could end up saving you some big money!

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