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Rent the Luxurious Gulfstream 650 For $250 For 2 Hours – For Photos

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Rent the greatest private jet available for a cool experience – for under $250! Find out how!

Here is an interesting one – you can actually rent out the ultra-luxury Gulfstream 650 for under $250! But, it will stay on the ground all that time and that time is yours for photos.

Rent the Luxuxrious Gulfstream 650 for $250 – For Photos?!

rent the gulfstream 650

Source: Gulfstream

Link: Private Jet Studio

The Gulfstream 650 is really a beautiful aircraft and arguably one of the most luxurious private airplanes around. The cost was $65 million, though you can find them used for under $50 million. 🙂 You can charter them at a cost of about $10,000 per hour (price from a couple of years ago, not sure how much it has changed since then).

But, if you are content with spending a little under $250 and staying on the ground, you can actually get a Gulfstream 650 for 2 hours to take photos in. A Russian company located in Moscow has a Gulfstream 650 that they rent out for photographs and videos, targeting those that want to put some luxury travel on their Instagram feed (yes, that’s right!).

rent the gulfstream 650

Source: Private Jet Studio

As an aviation fan, I wouldn’t mind renting it out for photos – but not really of me! It would be interesting to spend some time inside of the beautiful Gulfstream 650. If you wanted to do it without the supplied photographer, you could actually get away with spending a little under $200 for the experience.

So, if you are an airplane fan and are traveling through Moscow at some point, maybe pop in on the Private Jet Studio!

Anyone ever tried this place out?

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