Redeem Starpoints for MLB Spring Training Games Now (VIP Packages Also)!

MLB Spring Training Games
Written by Charlie

Find out you can use your Starpoints and get tickets for MLB Spring Training Games for no cash at all! There are some great packages available as well!


Spring Training is about to begin as the pitchers and catchers are now reporting. That means that it is time to see your favorite teams as they get ready for the season with the MLB Spring Training Games! With training camps in both Arizona and Florida, both locations present some great opportunities to get some warm weather and attend the games – which you can do with SPG Starpoints!

Redeem Starpoints for MLB Spring Training Games Now!

With SPG as an integrated partner of the Chicago Cubs, there are numerous packages available if you are a Cubs fan. Great news indeed since you can watch the champions of the 2016 season work out in an effort to defend their title! In fact, you can even watch a rematch of the 2016 World Series as the Chicago Cubs host the Cleveland Indians on March 24, 2017 – for 7,500 Starpoints.

Chicago Cubs SPG Packages

MLB Spring Training games

Use your Starpoints for MLB Spring Training Games like this one!

Here is a list of the Chicago Cubs packages available through SPG Moments. There are some VIP packages in the mix as well that offer an all-day event, complete with stadium tour, luxury suites, and evening reception with a Cubs player.

Seats and Prices

Each of those packages (particularly the See the Chicago Cubs ones) come with 2 tickets to the Infield Reserved area. For many games, they are already either sold out or only offer general admission tickets. On some days, like the Cleveland Indian game, tickets are being sold through StubHub for $100 each on the Infield Reserved area! That means you will be getting about 2.6 cents in value for your Starpoints on that redemption!

Other Spring Training Tickets

There are some decent matchups on this list! Those would include the Chicago duo, the AL East matchups, and even the PA opponents as well! For 5,000 Starpoints for two tickets, some of which are already sold out, this could be another great redemption!

Getting the Points

Remember, there is the current, limited-time offer of 35,000 Starpoints on the Amex cards right now, but you would likely not get the points in time for this. However, if you have a SPG Amex card, you could refer someone and get the points you need that way!

Another thing you can do is to transfer Ultimate Reward points to SPG through Marriott (1:1 to Marriott and then 3:1 to SPG). It is not the best value on your Ultimate Reward points but if you just need a few to top up, it could be worth it.


If you are a baseball fan, the season is almost here! But, the work is about to begin with Spring Training and you can watch some of those games by redeeming your Starpoints for these packages. One more reason I love SPG Starpoints!

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