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Recently Applied for the Chase Ink Cards at the Lower Level? Get 10K More Points!

When an increased offer comes around, like the Chase Ink offer that raises the bonus 10,000 points, there are many people that have a head-slapping moment. They say, “I JUST applied for this card a couple of weeks ago at the lower level! I can’t believe it!”

Getting The Extra 10,000 Ultimate Reward Points

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 3.08.27 PM

Fortunately, it is possible to get the bonus if you have recently applied for the Chase Ink Bold or Chase Ink Plus! Chase is actually quite generous in allowing customers to be matched to higher bonuses than they applied for – if it is was within the last 90 days. This is not something that is advertised but has been experienced (and enjoyed!) by many cardmembers. This happened last year with my wife – she had applied for the Chase Ink Plus and was able to match to the higher 60,000 point offer that came out 50 days later.

If you have already applied and received your card, all you need to do is secure message Chase to ask to be matched to the current offer of 60,000 points. If you have not yet met your spending requirement, you will need to continue working to meet the $5,000 requirement before all points post. If you have met your spending, you should just receive the points within days after being matched.

What To Do

So, how do you go about doing this? Start by logging into your Chase account (the one that is tied to your Chase Ink Bold or Ink Plus card). Once you are logged in, go to the top to send a secure message.

Chase Ink

Send a secure message to ask to be bumped to the current bonus

After you select to send a message, a window will pop up that will ask what type of message you want to send and for what account.

Chase Ink

Send a message

Write Chase a message – explain that you opened your Chase Ink card within the last 90 days and you are asking if you could receive the extra 10,000 UR points that matches the current offer for the card that you have. Be polite – don’t demand or be rude! :)

Just wait! You should receive a response within 12 hours. Should you receive a denial, just reply and kindly mention that you know that Chase always matches the better offers within 90 days of the application and if there is some reason why they cannot extend that same kindness to you.

Do it soon! We do not know how long this offer will last but it normally is only around for a week or so. You need to do this while the offer is increased if you want the extra 10,000 UR points. Don’t worry – this has nothing to do with their credit card division so you will not receive any additional credit pull.

That’s it! You can also call, but messaging is just as easy and may be best so you have a record of being told you will receive the additional points. Is it worth doing? Absolutely! It does not take long at all and those extra points are worth at least $100!

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  • Did they tell you if you need to call them again once the 50k is posted so that they can manually post the extra 10k? I called and that’s what they told me.

    • No, but we had already received the 50K. That sounds reasonable – just make sure they have it in the notes for when you call back again. At least make a note of the time and day that you called so you can refer them to the recording should they doubt you. That always seems to work. 🙂

  • Thanks for the article. Got the ink visa in March. Sent an E-mail, went to bed and woke up to a positive response with 10000 more points in my account.

  • Thanks for pointing this out. I was able to get the additional 10k by messaging Chase and I must admire their customer service which was very fast. Got the 10k posted in less than 2 hours. Thanks to you and chase.