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My Recent Round of Credit Card Applications

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Written by Dustin

I went on a recent credit card spree, applying for 9 new credit cards! How were my results?

Last week, I decided it was time to open a few more credit cards. Banks are toughening up and who knows how much longer I’ll be getting approvals. Once I receive a few denials, I will probably cool it. Which cards did I apply for and what were my results on my most recent round of credit card applications.

My Recent Round of Credit Card Applications

I typically split these applications between Kristin and myself. It reduces overall hard pulls and it also means more points.

**You shouldn’t apply for as many cards as I did, unless you feel comfortable doing so. And you understand how this affects your credit.**

Barclay Uber Credit Card:

This card has been on my radar because of the 4% earnings on dining. It even ranked on my most recent list of top dining credit cards.

The Barclay Uber Credit Card comes with a $100 (10,000 point) bonus after spending $500 in the first 90 days. With Barclay adding (potentially) half a dozen or more transfer partners to their newer Arrival Premier, I am hoping they allow transfers to the Uber credit card as well!

This bonus isn’t huge, but with Airbnb being my top option for stay, I’ll take $100 and solid earning rates.

Why this Card?

The 4% earning rate on dining out and the cell phone protection are what made me want this card. I’m also being optimistic Barclay adds the transfer partners to this card. Either way, this is a solid long term keeper.

Application: Instantly Approved

Hyatt Credit Card:

Thankfully, this card is not on the Chase “5/24” list. This had been on my list of cards for Kristin for a while and this seemed to be the right time for it.

We will earn 40,000 Hyatt points after spending $2,000 in the first 90 days. I prefer the point bonus over the former 2 free nights. My reasoning for this offer:

  • I’ll receive more than 2 nights from this bonus
  • The 2 free nights expired after a year, the points will last me longer.
  • I have the option to use Cash + Points, further extending my points
  • I’ll add an authorized user for an easy 5,000 points
Why this Card?

The 40,000 point bonus (45,000 points total) works out better for me vs the old 2 night offer. I will get around 5 to 6 nights from this bonus and that doesn’t add in the fact I can use points plus cash!

Application: Instantly Approved

Citi Business AAdvantage:

Currently, the bonus on this card is 60,000 miles after spending $3,000 in the first 90 days.

I applied for this card for myself and Kristin, because it was one of the better bonuses out there for my traveling needs.

American Airlines is one of the only airlines that flies from my little airport.

I’ll have a nice stash of American Airline miles after I hit this spending requirement. I opened the a couple of American Airline cards last year too.

Why this Card?

I have built up a decent amount in hopes of being able to redeem for a round trip business class ticket to Asia. While I am typically a coach flyer, I would rather a bed for a 16 to 18 hour flight.

The bonus of 60,000 for each of us, gets us one way in business to Asia. Or if our plans change, it will help us anywhere else we need to go.

Application: Instantly Approved, on both applications

Bank of America Premium Rewards:

I was on the fence with Bank of America because I have been reading they’ve tightened up. But 50,000 points was very enticing.

Unfortunately, Bank of America thought giving me 50,000 points wasn’t as enticing. Once I hit apply, I received an immediate notice they couldn’t approve me at this time.

Their letter said too many inquiries over the last 12 months and limited investments, funds with Bank of America.

Why this card?

This one is definitely a no brainer. The bonus is worth $500, plus I will have a $100 airline credit. This makes the upfront annual fee completely worth it.

The bonus will be helpful for future Airbnb’s, or cheap airline tickets

Application: Initially Denied, but I called reconsideration and moved to a manager. After the second reconsideration, the application was denied again. Boo

Bank of America Travel Rewards:

My understanding is Bank of America combines hard pulls on the same day, so I had nothing to lose by applying for another credit card.

This offer was for 20,000 points after spending $1,000 in the first 90 days. The 20,000 points is worth $200, which I’d know I would use. Add in the fact there is no annual fee and I wouldn’t be in a rush to use this.

I could have applied for a co-branded credit card, but opted for this one instead.

Why this Card?

Since Bank of America combines hard pulls, I had nothing to lose on this application. I was hoping this would slide under the radar since Bank of America said this was recommended for me.

I would have gladly taken the $200 bonus, but the real prize is getting the Premium Reward credit card.

Application: Denied

KeyBank Key2More Rewards Credit Card:

Now you might be thinking, why on earth would I apply for this card?

I had received a pre-approval offer for 100,000 point offer. Don’t get too excited, the bonus is worth $200. I applied for this offer towards the end of my application round.

To earn this bonus, I need to make 5 transactions within the first 60 days. This is an easy requirement to meet and $200 isn’t a bad bonus.

As I keep opening cards, I am looking at smaller banks since the big guys are not happy with me 🙂

Why this Card?

It was an easy approval, since I was pre-approved. Bigger banks are now being stingy, so a little bank giving a decent bonus, sure why not?

And $200, is well, $200.

Application: Not instantly approved. The bank wanted to verify employment history, but approved 2 days later.

US Bank Cash Plus:

I have built a solid daily rotation of cash back cards, but this card would add value for me to strengthen that rotation.

This card was part of Kristin’s round of applications.

The bonus on this card is $150 after spending $500 in the first 90 days. The first time I redeem $100, I’ll receive a $25 bonus.

This really makes my bonus $175, but the 5% categories is what makes this card worth getting (and keeping).

Why this Card?

This adds another 5% card to my rotation. The 5% options this card offers, works well for my day to day spending habits.

I now have a great option of 5% cards, which will yield a lot of return.

Application: Initially Pending, but Approved after Kristin called in and updated her email (of all things)

Chase Marriott Rewards Premier Business:

This card is not on the Chase “5/24” list and I was feeling lucky.

The bonus on this card is 75,000 Marriott points after spending $3,000 in the first 90 days. I currently have about 48,000 SPG points, which I can turn into 144,000 Marriott points. Or I can turn these into 25,000 SPG points and use them for airlines.

Odds are I’ll move the points to the SPG Flight and Night benefit or the Marriott Flights and Nights package. Earning 5 to 7 nights and 50,000 to 70,000 miles is a pretty good return for these miles.

Plus, I like the “free night” benefit yearly after the $99 annual fee post after the year 1.

Why this Card?

I was feeling quite aggressive and haven’t touched a Chase card since they denied my a few years ago. The flights and night package really made this card worth applying for.

Application: Went to Pending, but after a call to Chase and what seemed like an eternity on the phone. Approved and in the mail!

Total Haul:

The stats for this application round:

  • I applied for a total of 9 credit cards (3 cards for Kristin and 6 cards for myself)
  • We were approved for a total of 7 cards, with the 2 denials both coming from Bank of America
    • Only cost 1 hard pull, so not all was lost
  • Total points earned 235,000 points and $550 cash back
  • Total spend required is $12,000 in 90 days.


I don’t think I have every applied for 9 cards at one time, but it always feels great applying for new cards.

While receiving denials from Bank of America, I’d consider my application round a success. Hard to say another 235,000 points and $550 cash back a failure.

I will be adding Bank of America to my list of banks to stay away from. My pride hurts a little bit, but I’ll be ok.

There are too many options out there to help make my travel more affordable. You won’t catch me waiting for fall below 5/24. 🙂

What have your recent applications been like?

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  • 12k over 90 days, that’s a lot of spend. this is probably the most prohibitive factor for me even applying to 2-3 card at once, is the minimum spend requirement.

    • Hey Joe,

      Yeah, we had some large expenses coming up. If it weren’t for that, I’d never hit that many. I usually wait until large expenses before going crazy with cards.

      If not, it’s usually a $3k limit in 3 months for me.

      Thanks for reading! I appreciate it!

  • How many cards did you have before this? Any idea how many hard pulls (estimated) you’ve had in the last 24 months? I am hesitant to apply for new cards because I have had about 6-7 hard pulls in last 24 months. Thanks

    • Hey Zach,

      I have about 24 active CCs and my wife has about 17 active. We will be closing some this year.

      We both have had about 15-17 pulls the last 2 years. And overall I’ve had good luck.

      Banks definitely are making it harder. There are many banks though that will give you new cards.

      Thanks for reading! I appreciate it!

    • Hey Trup,

      It definitely is getting harder for bonuses! Awesome job on the new cards. Good choices from Amex.

      Thanks for reading! I appreciate it!

  • couple of questions – what is a “hard pull”?

    as someone who’s unfamiliar with the point system, it’s hard for me to envision what 10,000 or 20,000 is actually worth. how would you describe it?


    • Hey Chickadee,

      Here’s a video I made about your credit

      When you want a loan or credit card (anything needing credit) a bank will look at your credit. When they do, it results in a hard pull.

      The 2nd part of your question, the value depends on the type of points you are talking about.

      Thanks for reading! I appreciate it!

  • Hey Dustin!
    Love your blog. How come you day only cost 1 hard pull to apply for all those cards at different banks? Or did I misunderstand?

    • Hey Leo!

      I took a hard pull from all these banks, but Bank of America combines hard pulls on applications you applied for on the same day.

      I hope that clarifies it!

      Thanks for reading! I appreciate it!