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Racking Up Points Without Spending And Under Chase’s New Card Policy

With Chase’s new policy (that has yet to be publicly posted by them) of not approving new cards for customers who have had 5 new accounts opened in the last 2 years (even accounts that you are an authorized user on and Chase business cards), people are a little curious about how to continue racking up points. The new policy is certainly in effect for the Chase cards like the Freedom, Sapphire Preferred, Ink Plus, and Ink Cash but it also appears to have been shifting to the co-branded cards like the Marriott card, the United card, and others.

Credit Card Bonuses Are Great, But…

Obviously, the easiest way to rack up miles and points is with credit card bonuses. But, with many issuers taking a more firm stance on handing out these bonuses to those who may be getting them the most, it may start getting more difficult to rack up miles and points.

A lot of people do manufactured spending (spending for the purpose of earning miles and points while paying as little as possible out of pocket in the end) but some of the new people that are just getting into this hobby and even those who have been in it for a while may not choose to do that (for many reasons).

Referrals Can Be The Cardholder’s New Bonuses

With bonuses not being as easy to obtain as they used to be for miles and points enthusiasts, a great and easy way to start racking up the miles and points may just be by telling your friends and family members about the great benefits of these credit card bonuses and having them sign up through you!

The banks have done referral bonuses (in the form of miles or points) for quite a while now but I know there are many that have not taken advantage of it to the fullest. Chase allows for up to 10 referrals (equaling 50,000 points most of the time) per referred card in a calendar year so that means you could still earn another 50,000 points per card each year!

Up To 10 Referral Conversions / 50,000 Points Per Calendar Year!

While 10 people may sound like a tall order, most people that travel using miles and points always have friends and family asking how they did it and how they can do it too. Instead of simply telling them about it, try to focus now on pointing them to particular cards and sending them your links to sign up. For everyone that gets approved using your link, you will get some points and those points will add up.

If you already have Chase cards, might as well get something for them, especially if you cannot apply for any new ones for a while! Plus, all of this can be done without spending a dime!

How To Get The Referral Links

Chase offers current cardmembers referral links on a host of cards. Some of the cards that currently have referral links (or did in the past) are: Chase Sapphire Preferred, Chase Freedom, Southwest cards, Marriott Premier card, Chase Ink Plus, and the United MileagePlus Explorer card.

1) Go to this chase link and enter your LAST NAME, your ZIP CODE registered to your card, and the LAST FOUR DIGITS OF YOUR CARD


Enter your information to login


Enter your information to see your referral offer and refer others


2) Enter the e-mail addresses of those you choose to refer for this offer. Also look at the bottom to confirm what you referral bonus is



Enter the e-mail addresses that you wish to refer the card to

3) Follow-up with your friends and family to remind them of how great a deal the card is that you recommended! You will receive the referral points after they have made their first purchase with their new card.


With the ground shifting a bit with new bonuses for those who get the most cards, concentrating on getting points through referrals is a great way for racking up points with cards you already have. The Chase referral site lets you share directly on Facebook, Twitter, or through e-mail.

If you want to share a link for one of your cards here, feel free to leave it in the comments. I have a bunch of referral links as well but we will keep this post for readers’ referral links. 🙂 Simply leave your link in the comment along with which Chase card it is for.

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