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Pay 50% Less in Surcharges for Lufthansa First Class By Flying This Direction

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Written by Charlie

If you want to fly Lufthansa First Class but you don’t want to pay the sky-high fuel surcharge fees, you need to make sure you are flying the right direction!

No question – fuel surcharges, carrier surcharges, whatever airlines want to call them, can really be a bummer to the whole “free” flying experience! Instead of spending like 80,000 miles and $50, you could be spending 80,000 and over $700 for first class. Yes, that is Lufthansa First Class so you are still getting an incredible deal, but it still doesn’t feel that great!

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Pay 50% Less in Surcharges for Lufthansa First Class By Flying This Direction

Fortunately, you don’t have to pay that huge amount in surcharges to experience Lufthansa First Class or even business class! It all depends on which direction you choose to fly in!

Fly FROM Europe the US to Save over 50% in Surcharges

Sure, it may be more convenient and fun to book your roundtrip to Europe in Lufthansa First Class or business class, but if you hold off that fantastic first class experience for your flight to the US from Europe, you are going to save a lot of money.

business class from Europe to the US

The amount of carrier surcharges you would pay departing from the US

That is because those surcharges are much less when flying from Europe to the US than the other way around. So, fly something like United, LOT, SAS, or Turkish business class to Europe and then spring for the Lufthansa First Class experience or Austrian or Lufthansa business class for the way home.

business class from Europe to the US

The surcharges from Europe to the US

Skip Fuel Surcharges with Different Award Programs

Of course, you could skip fuel surcharges altogether by paying 110,000 United miles for Lufthansa First Class or using Avianca Lifemiles. But, if you use miles like Aeroplan miles or Aegean miles, you are going to be paying those surcharges and it will be much easier on your wallet to fly to the US from Europe instead of vice versa.


Sure, it would be great to fly something like Lufthansa First Class in both directions but if you have always wanted to fly their First Class but were kept back by the surcharges, now you know how to enjoy it for less!

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