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This Orbitz Hotel Deal Presents Great Savings But Risky Value

orbitz discount code
Written by Charlie

Today only, you could be one of 60 people to snatch up this Orbitz discount code for hotels – that is a $1,000 for just $650! That is a great savings, but there is some risky value with this deal as well. Read about it here!

Today’s Daily Getaway item can give some great savings to the buyer but the value is hard to pin down – even though the package is a straight up monetary promo.

Daily Getaway – Orbitz $1,000 Promo Code for Hotels

orbitz discount code

This Daily Getaway item was first offered last year and there were only 55 available. This year, they have bumped this up to 60 (I hope it is to help more travelers and not because Orbitz knows that some will go unused for the full amount.).

Link: Daily Getaway

Today’s Daily Getaway is for a $1,000 Orbitz promo code (60 promo codes are available). It will go on sale at 1PM ET today. The cost is $650 so a simple 35% discount which is fantastic. However, it is not quite all that simple so take a minute to consider what is involved.

“Select” Hotels Likely Means Non-Chain Properties?

The terms say it is good at “select hotels” but does not say which hotels. I would imagine that it may be like other promo codes that we have had in the past where it may not apply to chain hotels. But, it could also mean that they are just covering themselves with that exclusion in case a particular property does not accept Orbitz promo codes. Without details about that, we do not know, though!

The code only applies to prepaid bookings and cannot include any package (no flight/car package). This is understandable but is worth noting.

Single Room, Single Booking

The code only applies to a single room and “There is no residual value and no credit will be issued if the purchase amount is less than the coupon code discount. The coupon code may not be re-used, even in the event that you change or cancel the booking.” This makes it even more restrictive as it has to be a single reservation. I know there are people that will be able to take advantage of this but I have never had a $1,000 hotel reservation as I always use points or have shorter stays. So, if you are like me, make sure you realize going in that this is for a single room/single reservation and you cannot make changes after the fact.

Here are the booking date details:

  • What You Receive: A $1,000 Orbitz hotel promo code valid for travel to qualifying hotels across the globe!
  • Dates of Travel: Book by March 15, 2019 for travel through December 31, 2019.
  • Max. Quantity per Purchase: One (1). No more than 1 coupon purchased through this offer are allowed per Orbitz customer

So, yes, you are receiving a $1,000 promo code for $650 but realize that it must be a single room on a single reservation at “select” hotels that must be prepaid and you cannot cancel the reservation. If you can handle all of that, this is a great deal. Otherwise, I would consider this as more of a 20% discount or so with these restrictions. As long as you still can get that value or more, go for it!


  • You must make your booking for a participating hotel with www.orbitz.com
  • Search for a hotel for your desired stay dates, within the travel period given above.
  • During the booking process, on the payment page you will see the link “Enter a coupon” where you can enter the coupon code.
  • Enter the coupon code in the relevant field and then click the “Apply” button. If your booking is eligible, the applicable discount will be subtracted from the price of the travel reservation before the application of any taxes, applicable fees or additional costs.
  • This offer does not apply to multi-room bookings.

I love that this is such an exact savings that can really save people money. But, I wish the terms were more user-friendly, like allowing residual value for additional bookings, the ability to use it for any Orbitz hotel, etc. But, these will still disappear pretty fast so there are at least 60 people that feel they can maximize this promo! Good luck!

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