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One Great Feature When Booking Hyatt Points+Cash Online!

Hyatt Points+Cash
Written by Charlie

With the addition of the ability to book Hyatt Points+Cash nights online comes a great feature for your booking! You could get a more expensive room!

A couple of weeks ago, Hyatt added the functionality of being able to book Points+Cash (and up Club+Cash rooms) online. This was great since it was not even possible before to search for this type of availability online. Now, it can be searched for and booked online or through the Hyatt app.

One Great Feature When Booking Hyatt Points+Cash Online!

Hyatt Points+Cash

The Hyatt Points+Cash Chart

Better Room Selection

But, there is another great thing about being able to book these rates online. Before, you did not know what was showing up as available and were typically assigned the basic room. But, the Points+Cash rate at various hotels actually allows you to book upgraded rooms – from better views to better rooms! These rooms are available at no difference in points or cash but it opens up a much better option for you.

These better rooms will not be available at all hotels or for all dates, so make sure you search some if it is important to you to get a better room. In some cases, you may be able to secure a larger room with a better room capacity than other dates/hotels. In places like London, New York, and other expensive, populated areas, this can be a big help!

Higher Regular Cash Price – But Same Points+Cash

The cost stays the same according to the categories and their Points+Cash designation. The only thing that changes is the room type. Let’s look at a single example (though I found many of them). This is the Andaz in London, a category 6:


The Points+Cash room selection at the Andaz in London – see the bottom room.

In the “old” days of booking via Twitter or over the phone, the rep would ask you what bed size you wanted. There was really not a reason to give all the breakdown on the room type. If you chose a King, you would be getting the largest room possible. If you went with Single, it would be the smallest. Now, you can see it and book it for yourself (it is the same as if you are booking for a regular reward night).


This is for the same date and you can see the difference in price for these rooms if you were to pay cash.

As you can see from the photo above, if you were to pay for the Andaz King room, you would be paying $92 more than the Single – which means you can get $92 more in cost value by redeeming Points+Cash for the King than for just the Single.

This can be seen at many Hyatt hotels and is definitely worth checking out for your next reservation. SPG has this for some hotels (I have booked a 2-bedroom suite on a points reservation for the same price as a queen room) but this is the first chance we have had to actually see it with Hyatt. Definitely a nice new benefit to being able to book them online!

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