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A $100,000 North Pole Hotel Package? Here is a Better and Much Cheaper Alternative!

Written by Charlie

Want to spend a night at the North Pole and don’t want to spend $100,000 for a North Pole Hotel? Here is a much cheaper and better alternative and you even get more!

In the last few days, many major media outlets picked up the story about a travel company that is going to be running a North Pole hotel adventure package. There were a few eyebrow-raising items in the story, not the least of which is the cost.

Stay at the North Pole for $100,000?!


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Here was what CNN had to say about this package and what includes:

Travelers will be almost guaranteed the opportunity to see the Northern Lights, as the aurora borealis is still highly active in April. Unsurprisingly, an adventure likes this doesn’t come cheap — the entire package will set you back 95,000 euros ($105,000). This covers a two-night stay in Svalbard, the last frontier town between mainland Norway and the North Pole, flights and logistics to and from the North Pole, as well as a night’s stay at the North Pole Igloos hotel, along with all meals and guides.

Ok, to break that down, you are getting a two-night stay in Svlabard, Norway and then transportation to the North Pole and a single night stay in the igloo hotel. There will also be some excursions during that one-night stay.

Since “land” or ice up there moves around, they say they will be prepared to move the igloo hotels around (10 in total) to work with the changing positions and to keep it all safe.

Yes, all of that for $100,000! 

The Better Alternative to the $100,000 North Pole Package – the North Pole Marathon!

To be clear, I do not get anything for anyone signing up for any of the events below and have no financial interest in the races.

Photo courtesy of Richard Donovan

Link: North Pole Marathon

To present a better option and get some perspective on this “deal” by the travel company, I turned to my friend and North Pole veteran (16 trips in all) as well as adventure marathon organizer (he operates the North Pole Marathon, the World Marathon Challenge, the Antarctic Ice Marathon – only race that takes place on the actual continent, and the Volcano Marathon), Richard Donovan.

First thing he said is that this company’s claim of being able to see the aurora borealis in April is just wrong. After the end of March, the North Pole sees 24 hour per day daylight so that’s not happening (hope they don’t get people signing up for that reason!).

Photo courtesy of Richard Donovan

He also said this, “There are also no glaciers at the North Pole because it’s in the middle of the Arctic Ocean, and contrary to what’s claimed the only star you’ll be seeing is the sun. The photo suggests a nighttime that simply does not exist in April and associated pictures show mountains when there is no land at the Pole (presumably they are pictures of Svalbard).”

For $100,000, you would think that this company could get some of those basic things right!

So, in light of that pricing, the cost for the North Pole Marathon is a steal at €15,900! Here is what that includes:

  • two-day trip to a polar ice camp
  • accommodation in heated tents
  • the race itself along with top photography/video
  • support
  • medals
  • souvenirs, etc
  • a helicopter ride to make sure people stand at exactly 90N (the camp is floating on an ocean sea always moving)

Compare that with the other offer and you can see you are getting a much better deal! Not only that, but you will be able to actually run 26.2 miles at the North Pole. Oh, and Richard has a team of operators dropping down in the weeks before to select the best space for base camp so you will be safe and confident in the location chosen!

Photo courtesy of Richard Donovan

Plus, you get another thing – an event that has been running for years and is well-established and highly talked about (reader Joey has run this and other events by Richard). The $100K is a new package that has no reviews yet, so there is that.

Photo courtesy of Richard Donovan

Imagine this – you could run the North Pole Marathon and do the World Marathon Challenge (7 marathons/7 continents/7 days) and still have about $40,000 left over instead of spending $100K for one night at the North Pole! 🙂

Photo courtesy of Richard Donovan

Featured image courtesy of Richard Donovan, North Pole Marathon

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