Should This Be The Next Great Airline Credit Card Perk?

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Written by Charlie

With all the negative airline news lately, wouldn’t this be a great new airline credit card perk for them to add to generate a lot of new customers?!


As I am sure you have noticed, there has been an awful lot of press about the issues and situations aboard airplanes lately. The situation had gotten so with Dr. Dao that airlines changed their policies concerning overbooking, calling police in, and compensation.  This got me thinking – since these airlines absolutely love squeezing the profit out of every aspect they can, I wonder if this could be the next great airline credit card perk? 🙂

The Next Great Airline Credit Card Perk?

In case it doesn’t hit you this way, this post is meant to be humorous so don’t get all serious on me here! 🙂

If you are an elite with various hotel chains and/or car rental companies, you are familiar with the perk of guaranteed reservations. While I have never had to do this for hotels, I have done this with car rentals and it can be very valuable in that instance you need it. Basically, within a set timeframe, you have the ability to get a guranteed room or car – even if the hotel is full and car lot is empty. This ensures you are not left out in the dark by the chain you are loyal to when it counts.

With airlines, they give about as much deference and preference to their credit cardholders as they do their basic elite members. So, combined with this and their drive for profits, how about they create a new perk of their co-branded cards:


This could be a huge selling point for the airline and I can just hear the gate agents as they start selling the cards as well (since flight attendants already do sell the cards).

Ladies and Gentlemen in the boarding area, we have an oversold flight today. However, we have a fantastic offer for you. As our loyal credit cardholders know, if you have the (airline) credit card from (bank), you will always have a guaranteed seat once you purchase that ticket.

If you do not have the card today, you can apply right now and take comfort knowing that we will never bump you from the flight. That’s right, the comfort of a guaranteed seat plus we will also give you 5,000 miles just for applying for this special offer! You can use those miles on your next trip to get a soft drink at any of the restaurants here in the airport!

I mean, there could be a stampede for the applications by the casual traveler who has seen the viral videos and heard the stories of the airline bump! 🙂 And, the airline gets away with giving away only a few thousand miles since the flyer is willing to trade award travel later for the security of a seat now.

Oh, wait, that is what every customer should have already when they press “purchase” on their reservation, right? Right, but you know the airlines – they will never miss an opportunity to get more money from their flyers, whether it be in the shrinking of seats, the elimination of certain carryon bags, the elimination of mostly edible food onboard, and more.

Hey, AA, Delta and United – please realize this is a joke and we really do not want to see this new “perk” added to your cards! 😉

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  • Totally disagree. Guaranteed seat should be a given. I paid for a seat, it’s mine. You want to put someone else in the seat since my spouse took a different flight, pay me for it. (PS, spent 5 years as USelessAirways Chairman level)

    • The post was a jab at airlines taking moves like this. As I said, of course you should have your seat! That is what you paid for! I was just saying that airlines could try to add that as a “perk” to their cards! 🙂