New York Could Require “Landing Cards” for Domestic Flights

Written by Charlie

As part of their new quarantine rules for visitors, New York may start requiring incoming domestic passengers to fill out “landing cards.”

New York State, last week, instituted a new quarantine requirement aimed at people traveling from states with increased coronavirus cases. To put teeth to this quarantine, there are huge fines to go to those that break quarantine.

New York State’s Quarantine May Include Landing Cards

This quarantine rule went into effect last week and started with 8 states on the list – Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Utah and Texas. These states did not meet the criteria that NYS was looking for, namely a sub-10 positive number per 100,000 people on a 7 day-average. This means that states could come off the list or go on from time-to-time.

This even includes California as they could go on the quarantine list along with Georgia, Iowa, Idaho, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, and Tennessee.

With the quarantine ruling, visitors coming in from those states are required to observe a 14-day quarantine. Passengers coming in on flights from these areas could receive random phone calls from authorities to ensure that they are abiding by the quarantine.

For those that break the quarantine, it could mean a mandatory, supervised quarantine and/or fines starting at $2,000 for the first violation. Should they cause harm to anyone by breaking quarantine, it could go up to $10,000.

Now, Governor Cuomo has said that they may start using “landing cards” like international flights use on arrivals. No word on what the forms would require for information but, at the minimum, it would probably include where you came from, destination address, relation to the owner/renter of the home, contact information and possibly a landline number to confirm you are actually at the house. This information will be kept in a database.

Would you visit NY right now if you are required to fill out such a form?

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  • The only way at my age I am getting on a plane is if airlines can deploy instant Covid tests a the airport so I know everyone on the flight is covid free. Or maybe people get their own test 24 hours in advance. and provide proof. Given the big loss in revenue, wondering if that solution that make sense and if the technology is here yet for that. Otherwise, even though I use to fly frequently, no way getting close to an airplane if there is a chance it could kill me. There is no place I need to go that badly

  • The answer is NO. If cities, states, nations want my travel dollars then they will get them when/if there are no travel restrictions. My separate scuba diving trips to The Bahamas and Belize got cancelled as the international airport in Belize is still closed until 8/15 and The Bahamas is now open but with restrictions. They are requiring a negative COVID test within 3 days of landing. I refuse to do this so instead I will wait to travel elsewhere this Fall. In my state very few people have died and the average age of those is ~81 so no reason to kill the economy when the victims are primarily non-working, non-traveling folks.

    • Fully agree. I feel bad for the small businesses who will suffer in these destinations due to an elected official’s decision. In New York State they may MAY have a chance to recover (unless they have been deemed an un-essential business); but in smaller economies like the Bahamas, they will suffer greatly.

    • You are an idiot. To be so uncaring of people who for many years supported the economy is unconscionable. Just image, if you keep living, you to will get to age 81. Try to be more respectful.

  • Does the NY restrictions also include traveling cross country by car?
    And what about the hotels you use en route? Can they tell you not to register id you are not from their state?