There Is A New World’s Fastest Time in the Marathon!

While the 2 hour marathon still lies unbroken, there is a new world’s fastest time in the marathon! It was an incredible effort that shows that 2 hours is possible!


Last night, I wrote about the event that Nike, their staff, and three of their athletes have prepared for years for – the effort to break the 2 hour marathon mark.

The 2 Hour Marathon is Much Closer Now!

In a culmination of intense training, science, development, and the best pacers around, 3 men toed the line this morning to try and break the huge 2 hour marathon barrier. As the race went on, only one man had a shot at it – Eliud Kipchoge.

This 2016 Olympic Marathon champion hit unbelievable splits as he made his way through the 26.2 mile run. Here are his 5K splits throughout the marathon as he ran 2:00:25:

  • 5k: 14:14
  • 10k: 28:21
  • 15k: 42:34
  • 20k: 56:49
  • 25k: 1:11:03
  • 30k: 1:25:20
  • 35k: 1:39:37
  • 40k: 1:54:04

That is just insane! Those numbers equal a 4:36 per mile pace – just unbelievable! In the end, he just missed the 2 hour mark by running 2 hours and 25 seconds – the fastest time that anyone has ever put up in running a marathon. It is not a world record due to many reasons but it still stands as the fastest time ever run for 26.2 miles.

Congrats to Nike, the entire staff, the pacers, and, of course, the marathoners themselves. This was an amazing feat and I think it shows to everyone that 2 hours is no longer the barrier people thought it once was. It will fall – the question is just when.

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  • Unbelievable! I run on a treadmill 4 or 5 times/week. A 6 MPH pace yields a 10 minute(I’m old) mile. Now translate that to 2 hr, 26 mile pace. That’s about a 13 MPH. Jump on a treadmill at 13 MPH and see what happens(assuming the treadmill even goes to 13 MPH).
    Simply incredible.

    • Exactly! It is so hard to really grasp until we try to match the speed the best we can! In NYC, they had huge screens up one time with Ryan Hall running his pace and people would try to keep up. People couldn’t believe how fast it really was!