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Interesting New Fitness Device with Great Features & Low Price

Pebble Core
Written by Charlie

The well-known Pebble company is bringing out another incredible device called the Pebble Core that could really be the best fitness device to wear.

I am a runner who is also a bit of a tech geek. 🙂 I have always liked technology and love it when tech works to assist the runner a bit more. It seems like this new fitness device by the now-famous Pebble could fill many spots. Let’s see what it is like.

New Fitness Device – Pebble Core

– Kickstarter Link for Pebble Core

Pebble is now a very well known company as they pretty much pioneered the mainstream adoption of smartwatches with the release of their first Pebble Smartwatch. Since that first release, they have released other products as well that have been very popular. All of their smartwatches work with both Android and iOS that has helped with wide adoption.

Why the Pebble Core?

Pebble Core

The new Pebble Core fitness device for runners

Now, Pebble is launching new watches again but they are also bringing out a fitness specific device that they call Core. This device has no screen, is tiny, is relatively inexpensive but is packed with features.

While I love technology, there are many runners who look at their time on the run as a chance to separate from being connected and just enjoy themselves. That might mean not carrying a bulky phone with them.

With this Pebble Core, they can have data connectivity in case of emergency (and many future uses) and also have their streaming music along with the GPS tracking that many of us enjoy so much. Using your headphones, that running data is fed back to you audibly (or to your Pebble Smartwatch) so that you know your pace and distance.

Here is what Pebble has to say about the Pebble Core:

Leave your phone at home 

Core is a lightweight, cellular-connected clip that replaces your phone entirely. It streams music from Spotify, tracks your pace, distance, and location with GPS, and can send an emergency SOS if needed.

Core for Running

Spotify: Keep motivated with your favorite tracks

Core streams music directly from Spotify, so you stay motivated and on pace. You can also use Core’s 4GB of built-in storage to access your favorite playlists, podcasts, and audiobooks.

GPS: Track your pace, distance, and location

Mid-step or post-run, reviewing your workout is key to maximizing your performance. Core has a built-in GPS to track your location wherever you may roam. 

Core provides real-time stats via audio cues while exercising and syncs with Runkeeper, Strava, and other fitness apps over WiFi when you get back.

Voice Notes: Keep track of those great ideas

Exercise spurs creativity. Capture your brilliant ideas on the go with Core’s voice note functionality.

Emergency SOS: Houston we have a problem!

We hope you won’t need it, but if you’re ever stuck out on the road, Core can send an emergency SMS with your location (required SIM card and cellular data service not included).

Works with your favorite fitness apps*

Core fits into your existing workout routine and syncs with your favorite fitness apps. Core supports Runkeeper, Strava, Under Armour Record, MapMyRun, and Google Fit with more coming.

3G- and WiFi-enabled 

Core gives you complete on-the-go freedom with 3G connectivity*. It accepts a micro-SIM card and works with most pay-as-you-go and existing cellular plans. 

Core also works without a SIM card or cellular plan, using WiFi to sync offline music and workouts.
Wired or not here we come 

Core supports both Bluetooth and wired headphones. How you’d like to plug in is your choice.

Battery that won’t leave you behind

Core may be tiny, but it will still give you up to 9 hours of location tracking and offline music on a single charge*. 

Drop it on a wireless charging pad* and grab it on your way out the door knowing it’ll always be charged. Pebble Core comes with a USB charging cable included, and you can add on an optional wireless charging pad for just $20.

Works with your Pebble watch: on-wrist pace, distance and stats

Core connects seamlessly with your Pebble watch, so you can control your music or check your time, pace, or distance at a glance.

Price Info

Pebble Core
That is a lot of info on a very small device! The Pebble Core runs on Android 5.0 so they are also treating the device as a hackable device you can carry on your keychain.
It had started at $69 but that price is now gone as 5,000 backers filled that redemption. Instead, it is now at $79, which I think is a great price for what this device can do! After it is launched in January of 2017, it will cost $99.
This Kickstarter project has only been up for a couple of days and, collectively (including the new watches) it has already raised over $7.5 million!
I backed it and am confident in Pebble’s ability to bring the product to market in a timely manner. I have used some of their other products and am anxious to see how well this works.
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