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New Hyatt Credit Card Offer of 2 Free Nights and $50 Credit

2 free hyatt nights
Written by Charlie

There is a new Hyatt credit card offer here – 2 free nights and $50 credit! That is a great deal if you want to stay at any high-end Hyatt Category 7 property.

Back in “the day,” one of the best hotel credit card offers around had been the Hyatt card with the two free nights after the first purchase. The card (and the offers) have gone through some changes over the years and the 2 free nights had been eliminated in favor of points.

New Hyatt Credit Card Offer of 2 Free Nights is Here

hyatt credit card offer 2 free nights

Link: Hyatt Credit Card Offer of 2 Free Nights + $50

Now, I think having points is a really great offer because it comes with a lot more flexibility (see this post for a comparison of the offers from before). But, with many new hotels joining the Category 7 tier of properties, having 2 free nights to use at that level is definitely the better way to go (since it would otherwise cost you 60,000 points and the current public offer is 50,000 points).

So, here is the new Hyatt credit card offer of 2 free nights!

The spending details are very similar to the point version, it is a tiered offer and looks like this:

  • Earn 1 free night after you spend $3,000 on purchases within the first 3 months of account opening
  • Receive 1 additional free night after you spend $6,000 total on purchases within the first 6 months of account opening
  • Plus, get a $50 Statement Credit after your first purchase with the World of Hyatt Credit Card.
  • Annual Fee: $95

The rest of the card is the exact same in benefits and earnings as the regular offer on the World of Hyatt card (read here for more about that). Also, unfortunately, it comes with the same application restrictions as most Chase cards – you cannot get this if you got a bonus on a Hyatt card in the last 24 months and if you currently hold a Chase Hyatt card. Also, you cannot get this if you have opened 5 or more new accounts in the past 24 months (with any issuer – the famous Chase 5/24 rule).

These free nights are good at any Hyatt Category 1 – 7 hotel (so the new Category 8 SLH hotels will not work with this). Update: Hyatt confirmed that Category 8 properties are excluded but the offer is good for all Hyatt and SLH properties that are between Category 1 – 7.

Should You Apply for the Hyatt Credit Card Offer of 2 Free Nights?

If you have stays planned at Category 1 – 6 Hyatt hotels, don’t apply for this card offer! Instead, get the regular offer of 50,000 points since that is what a Category 6 would cost for two nights.

If you want to stay at any Category 7 hotel, go for this offer and the extra $50 is like icing on the cake!

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  • Any idea how long you can “save” the nights for” Probably just 12 months until the time of issue?

  • If Hyatt/Chase allowed Cat 8 properties(and perhaps increased the fee) then this new version would be quite compelling.
    As an aside, I’m interested to see where Hyatt takes the cat 8 locations. 40,000 Hyatt points can be steep, although many hotels in this category are beautiful.

    • It would be a huge get if they worked for the Category 8 properties! I wouldn’t be surprised if Hyatt went with a peak/off-peak ranking for their Category 7 properties at some point. There are some times that a Category 7 property can be had for less than a Category 4/5 in cost so it would be nuts to require 40K at that point. Maybe peak time would see them elevate to a Category 8? Though that would ruin the simplicity of their current award chart.

  • Aren’t there actually several more times this makes sense over the regular card? 1) If you don’t care about minimum spend and prefer the $50 credit plus two nights at CAT 6 properties (net $50 benefit); 2) If you plan to use them at all-inclusive; and 3) If you plan to use them at hotels higher than CAT 7 (though given the last comment perhaps this isn’t possible.

    What am I missing?

    • As I say in the post, it is good for a Category 1 – 7 so the higher category SLH properties would not work with this. The all-inclusive Hyatt properties are available with points for more than Category 6 so the points would be the same as the certificates. I am checking now but with the Miraval properties requiring more than the standard 30K of a Category 7, I am guessing they are not usable with this either (though they were with the old ones – I will report back and update). Finally, I would imagine that, for more people, having the flexibility of points would be worth giving up the $50 credit (if the original goal is Category 6). Not sure what you mean about the minimum spending since it is exactly the same for both offers (first tier of spending is $3,000 and the second is $6,000).

      • Completely missed the higher CAT mention outside of the comment.

        Still confused though. The offer for 50,000 points has a $6,000 completion requirement? I didn’t realize that hence my comment about minimum spend. There are some who would prefer not to take on a hefty minimum spend and would take a “lower” bonus as a result. In this instance, unless you didn’t want to meet the minimum spend I can’t imagine a scenario in which a person who wanted CAT 6 wouldn’t prefer the new offer which nets them an additional $50.

        • Here are the earning and spending requirements:
          Spend $3,000 in the first 3 months – one offer gives you 25,000 points and this one gives you a free night (same thing for a category 6)
          Spend $6,000 total in the first 6 months – the other offer gives you another 25,000 points, this one gives you another free night. Again, the same thing for a Category 6.
          Again, I would say it is a very small group of people that would be applying for the express purpose of a specific Category 6 redemption (which would cause them to weigh each offer against each other). If you are that person, yes, the $50 with this offer is better. But, if you are not 100% sure, you are giving up that $50 for the flexibility that points give you – 10 nights at a Category 1, 4 nights at a Category 3, mix-n-match with Points+Cash, using points for an upgrade to a suite, etc. For that person that isn’t 100% sure, the $50 is easy enough to sacrifice for that flexibility.

  • Does the 2 free night certificates allow you to stay at their all-inclusive properties when travelling with the family. Using points at all-inclusive properties can get expensive while travelling with kids. Was the best use of my free nights before they switched to points.