New Hyatt App Update Makes Finding Points+Cash Options Easier

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Written by Charlie

This latest Hyatt app update brings a new option to save a code that will make your Points+Cash searches easier. It should save you at least one step as you try and find your favorite Points+Cash rates at properties with just a glance.

Hyatt has said before that they want to improve their digital presence. This is good because they are behind apps like Hilton, for example, who I think does a really nice job with their app functionality. But, this latest Hyatt app update at least makes things a little big easier to find and book Points+Cash reservations.

New Hyatt App Update Makes Finding Points+Cash Options Easier

About the New Hyatt App Update

For starters, I haven’t had a chance to check the app on Android (currently traveling, will check my Pixel phone when I get a chance). This app update is currently available on iOS.

This new Hyatt app update basically adds the ability to add a Corporate or Group code to your profile. It was possible to do an advanced search before with this code but this now allows you to save a code to your profile so all search results will show that rate if it is available.

To Add the Corporate/Group Code

Download the app update, and then do this to add the corporate/group code:

  • Go to the Account tab at the bottom
  • Select the Settings at the top right
  • Select Personal
  • Under Special Rates, add Group/Corporate Code (code 51440 for Points+Cash Reservations)
How This Makes Points+Cash Searches Easier

In case you didn’t already know, code 51440 is the Hyatt code for the Points+Cash reservations. If you enter this code into your profile in the app, all searches will automatically be showing that availability as well.

How you will know that a hotel has Points+Cash availability is that the price it shows will be the cash component of the Points+Cash. For example, if you are looking at a hotel that is a Category 2, it will show the price on the main search page as $55.

For cities like New York City where there are several Hyatt properties, this is a nice, quick way to use the Hyatt app to find which properties have Points+Cash availability.

This also works with any group or corporate code you have legitimate access to as well. I just wanted to highlight it for the Points+Cash because it is a popular one many people search for. Now, this removes at least one step from your search process on mobile devices.

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