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Hyatt Rolls Out New Mobile App – Along with a 500 Point Bonus on Each Reservation

Written by Charlie

There is a new Hyatt app that seeks to make the traveler be able to better connect to everything about their stay with just their smartphone. Plus, you can earn 500 bonus points just for making reservations with the new app!

I have covered several new travel apps as they update and the good ones always meet the needs of their customer base. We are rapidly becoming a society that does more on our mobile devices than we do on our computers so it makes sense to have a strong app that can take advantage of all that a travel company has to offer.

Hyatt Rolls Out New Mobile App

The new Hyatt app seeks to do that by offering a new layout and general look (which I find to be more pleasing than the last version) as well as allowing members to do the following things:

  • Access and stream personal content directly to the in-room TV through Chromecast without the need to enter additional credentials* 
  • Unlock guestrooms and public spaces via Hyatt Mobile Entry* 
  • Quickly make requests directly to the hotel and receive feedback in real-time via a new chat option* 
  • Request items directly to guestrooms 
  • Access the schedule of meetings and events happening at the hotel during the member’s stay 

The asterisks are to designate that these features are only at select locations but Hyatt assures us that they are increasing availability at locations worldwide. When it comes to a digital key solution, I have long enjoyed how widespread and useful it is with Hilton and am looking forward to Hyatt catching up with that.

Having Digital Keys is Definitely What I Want More Of!

Honestly, that is the one tech upgrade that I want to be available at the majority of hotels than any other. The reason is that the keys we use can so easily become demagnetized when near electronic devices (yes, like a mobile phone that is likely near your key in the pocket many times). It is always frustrating to get all the way to your room after going out only to find that you cannot enter because your key no longer works – back to the desk!

It is also useful for elite members that get a late check-out. Often, hotels cannot guarantee the late checkout when you are checking in (especially if the hotel is busy) so you normally need to check in the morning. But, your key has been keyed to expired at the regular check-out time and you need to go back to the desk to get it rekeyed. Having your mobile device handle all that is a much better solution!

Offers and Promotions Displayed Prominently

new hyatt app

Since Hyatt is my main hotel choice, I am always checking around for any offers or promotions ongoing. Fortunately, Hyatt is now making them easier to find with a category for them prominently displayed on the app’s new main page. This lets you see what may be going on at the time and it will let you easily access and take advantage of them right from your smartphone app.

Streaming and Chatting

Anyway, on to the other things! While it is possible to “hack” hotel TVs with your own streaming devices, having the hotel simply offer that is a much better solution! Hyatt has had some streaming functionality in their app for a while and they are wanting to boost that now with the removal of needing to enter any additional credentials.

Of course, getting to make requests with just a chat option is great also! The hotel phone will likely always be there but I think the growing number of us only use it now to contact the hotel itself. Being able to move such contact to your device is a good move.

Getting the 500 Point Bonus

With Hyatt properties starting at just 5,000 points per night, getting 10% of that just for booking your reservations through the app is certainly a nice boost! To get you to use the app more, Hyatt is offering just that. Here are the details:

  • 500 bonus points per qualifying stay booked at participating Hyatt hotels and resorts, M life Rewards destinations, and Small Luxury Hotels of the World destinations through the World of Hyatt app.
  • Qualifying stays must be completed between August 1 and September 30, 2019
  • Earn one bonus for each stay (two or more consecutive nights at the same hotel will be deemed one stay).
  • Points will be awarded up to 3-4 weeks after the stay.
  • A qualifying rate is either an Eligible Rate or a free night award

To get started, just download/update your Hyatt app in the Google Play store or Apple store and take it for a spin! Hyatt is literally give you points just to book reservations through it so get started!

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